newest project....tactical Draco AK pistol

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    finished putting this together today, started life as a Draco pistol (AK platform 7.62x39mm). removed the wood hardward, added a Midwest Industries aluminum four rail handguard system, a Mako front angled pointing grip (NOT a vertical foregrip, perfectly legal for use), and a FabTech extended rear pistol grip. it also has a laser on the right hand side, set at 20yds.

    i actually have a 5.5inch pin on barrel extension on the way for this gun and a synthetic Dragunov type stock which will be added. stock is a no-drill type that installs under the pistol grip and ''sleeves'' the rear of the reciever, so its a non-permanent addition. the extension will be blind pinned and welded. perfect up close and personal 'house sweeper' permanently attaching the barrel extension with build in flash suppressor, it does not need an SBR stamp to be legal, nor is it considered an AOW with the type of foregrip im using.

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    That's pretty BA!
  4. Doesn't the fore grip make it non 922 compliant?

    I don't care either way.....I approve!

    NEVER MIND....I actually read the post instead of looking at the pretty pictures.
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    according to the manufacturer this product is considered a pointing grip, NOT a vertical foreward grip. now, just to be safe, i have sent a letter to the ATF that i will keep with the gun, to be 100% ''in the right'' (because sometimes a manufacturere can be wrong, even when they believe themselves to be within the boundaries of the law), but contact with the manufacturer they assure me that the part is compliant due to the angle of it. once the barrel extension is welded on, i can use any type of vertical grip i would like and be compliant as well.
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    I like it like that... ;)
    nearest thing to an SBR you can own w/o a tax stamp ;)
  7. Pistols aren't covered under 922(r)
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    but, 100% necesary to pin a barrel extension if you plan to use a real stock. the arm brace is nice, but, its not a stock. and using it as such, is use against its approved and intended purposes. and if your using it as a stock, you had better hope to hell youve got a 16inch overall barrel length, or you'll be finding yourself in a touch of trouble.
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    Hadn't seen that yet! I knew that Sig had developed it for their 5.56 but
    I was commenting in the context of a Draco x39 setup... Happily I'm WRONG!


    So do you sell these Greg?
    I think I know what I want for my x39 go-to-gun :D ;) :cool:
  10. Not true, sir. Yes if you add a stock you must then pin the barrel to legal length, but the arm braces do not a rifle make. the ATF has stated this and released a letter about it, the arm brace is exactly that, so attaching it to a pistol does not change it from being anything but a pistol, and they deemed that there is no illegal way to hold a pistol, therefore a completely legal attachment can be used in any way the user prefers. People have been shouldering the buffer tube of AR pistols since they first came out, completely legal.

    I got mine from AtlanticFirearms, its also sold at J&G among other retailers.
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    The ATF has actually said that the arm braces are still legal when used as a stock even though that isn't technically what they approved it as. The info is online.

    That said, I've heard they aren't excellent as stocks OR arm braces but are acceptable as both.

    I hunted down the link to an article complete with BATF letter about use of the stabilizing brace as a stock:

    Edit: Dammit, beat to the punch.
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    eh, either way, if i want to use a stock, i'll just do it right and add a REAL stock, that not only looks much better, but guarantee functions better.
  13. Ok but why turn an AK pistol into a rifle? You now have the same length gun but have less barrel length and sight radius than you would on a regular AK rifle....
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    Why do you keep customizing these things? Why not just leave it the way the factory intended? Just shoot it till it breaks. Then you can send it to MoM Russia and have her fix it up for free.
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    A too-quick scan of that link had you selling these and rolling up the BATF letter and placing it inside the arm brace :p Silly Me!
  16. Mother Russia doesn't have the same warranty as Mom...
    Also its an AK, pretty hard to break... Unless you build it with bad parts *cough cough*

    Personally I'd leave that Draco as is, if you're not willing to consider the SB-47, then do a legal SBR, but stocking it and permanently attaching a barrel extension is a bit pointless, especially since the market for Draco's has gone up, I sold mine for $600, they used to be $3 to 400... The Yugo's can be had for $400 but they don't take standard AK forends, that coupled with no more imports of Draco's has skyrocketed demand, so if you want another rifle then sell the Draco, buy a rifle, and pocket some extra cash... Ammo money.
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    two reasons actually:

    1) a draco pistol is based on a reinforced reciever. it is stronger than a conventional stamped reciever AK47. so it has less flex and therefore more stable, and more accurate than the ''average'' AK platform.

    2) by using a draco specific stock, it can still be removed with ease, and allow you to have it back to pistol form in a matter of moments. yes, with a slightly longer barrel, but, without a stock, still extremely manuverable and lightweight (for an AK)

    as for the sight radius, with a tactical setup, an optic is (and will) likely be used, so the shorter sight radius is irrelevant.
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    why did you customize your carbine and pistol? because why do i want all of them to look the same? why be just another egg in the carton?

    as for the draco market, im very well aware they are becoming more and more expensive. im not interested in selling the ones i have. i use them. and i will keep them. and i will tailor them to best fit me.
  19. 1) Uhh... Don't know what you're looking at but the Draco is a standard underfolder receiver, in fact your rear trunion likely has the holes cut for the stock to mount. The Yugo's are built on reinforced RPK recievers.

    2) So you can remove the stock but you still have a tube welded to your barrel. Still have a short barrel so less velocity/accuracy, and optics can fail.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't do what you want but I don't see a purpose to making it a full sized rifle.