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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Krippp, Feb 6, 2008.

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    Boo Hissss... :twisted: :wink:

    $525 You want hi-cap mags that bad? As the 995 is more accurate, and way less money. That kind of money brings many other firearms in reach. Heck you can get a new M1 carbine for $650.

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    the cx4 has higher cap mags but they're still not so great.. now the kel-tec with 33rnd glock mags.. now thats what i call hi-cap..

    i would'nt mind having a cx4 but i'd like to have the 9mm.. oddly the 9mm and .45 are both more expensive the .40 is a bargain..
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    995 with an ATI stock looks a hell of a lot like that....although no ATI stock for the 4095.

    I personally would go with an M1 over that.
  5. Stryker1 was saying that he shot one the other day and the trigger was TERRIBLE! Said something along the lines that he thought the safety was still engaged, but it really wasn't. Trigger pull bad, expensive gun, I have outshot several of them with my 995 = buy a 995. Just my $0.02...
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    I say go for it. I hope to pick one up soon. While the 995 and 4095 may be comparable weapons in functionality, the fit and finish isnt anywhere near the cx4's. Hi-point has demonstrated that they dont want to work with outside vendors to provide options and accessories for their weapons, as well as that they arent going to produce any decent accessories themselves.
  7. Get what ya dig--

    I have the 995b, but I drool for the Berettas-- both are great weapons. The HP is cheaper, but the Beretta is very nice---

    I say go for it..
  8. You must not have seen my post about the Hi-cap problem that Hi-Point is currently working on for their entire line of pistols and carbines. They contracted someone to do the R&D work for them, and will be letting us know what they come up with.
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  10. When I pay for something, I expect it to work, plain and simple. If I pull the trigger on my 995 it goes bang. When I pull the trigger faster, it goes bang bang bang. What's not to like about that?

    And, according to my information from Charlie, they are working on higher capacity magazines for ALL the carbines/pistols. I heard that from the horses mouth. Choose to believe it or not, I don't care either way.
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    Hi-Point ain't pulling the wool over anyones eyes. They are what they are they have made no bones about it. But I can for less then $200 break clays at 100 yards all day long and still chase the BG from my house at night.

    If it is fit and finish you want why would you stop at a storm? Why don't you practice what you preach and step up to the plate and buy a Rockriver AR in 9mm? Fantastic fit and finish! Hi cap mags everything. You can even get it with a national match trigger. There are more wizz bangs and fuzzy dice for the AR weapons system then any other weapon every made.
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    I didnt say they were trying to decieve anyone, in fact I believe I said they were good weapons for the money.

    I do practice what I preach, and will have a cx4 eventually but it isnt on my list of priorities. I dont care for AR's in 9mm personally though. However, I have two 80% AR lowers sitting here now and the rest of the parts will be ordered tomorrow. They will be chambered in .223 though.
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    I expect it to work as well primal, and I NEVER said that a hi-point wouldnt go bang just about every time you pick it up or questioned reliability.

    Maybe it will happen maybe it wont, I dont care either primal. As I said, hi-cap mags dont concern me.
  14. Sounds like those builds are doing well Jason, I remember you telling me about them once in the chat room. I am gonna be getting an AR lower soon so I can start my build. I want one in .308 as well, but I can live with a .223 for now...
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    Hey the "practice what you preach" comment I made was harsh I apologize for saying that.
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    Yea, primal it is rolling along, baby steps and stuff.

    yea, the .308 stuff is still too expensive, which should come down once companies begin to recoupe r&d cost, and other companies begin to make them as well. DPMS offers a nice weapon in .308, but at just under 1k it isnt the best option for that caliber.
  17. ok here we go. I have shot the storm and it is a great weapon!!!!!! Bottom line!

    Is it better than the 995???? The way I look at it is I dont know if it could with stand any kind of punishment..... It feels flimsy in your hand..... This is not to say that the 995 is so much better. For the price I would buy another 995 a EoTec and a couple mags.....

    The storm is one bad arse weapon system it has some functions that if they were on the 995 the 995 would win hands down. Like last round hold open, Bolt release, Take down with NO tools!!!!! Other than those the rest is fluff. The ejection port is ambidexterious as well as the mag release. Cool features but not needed for me...

    Now for the bad. The safety will darn near break your finger if you have your hand on the pistol grip. Not sure if they are all like this but his sure is. The trigger is HEAVY. It doesnt have alot of creep and isnt to scratchy but wow HEAVY... The "iron" plastic sights are so so. Mags are great as long as you use quality mags (the M9/92 has alot of crappy mags out there to choose from) This of course is not the fault of the weapon. They also have a Hi Cap 30 and 32 rd mag for the M9/92 beretta.

    Final note the more I shoot it the more I like it. Would I trade my 995 for one???? Yes and then sell it and buy a 995 and a 4095! And then trick out the 995. The bells and whistles are way better on the Storm as well as the fit and finish. Will the 995 keep up with the storm? H*ll yes it will mine keeps up every weekend. I even have my gun snob friend convinced that it was worth every penny!!!! But he thinks the 15rd Promag sucks just as much as I do lol lol...

    I shoot his storm at least once almost every week. Is it worth the money? Yes but I sure am glad I found the 995 it does what I need it to do and would compete agianst the storm any day of the week!
  18. Well, there it is people, from someone that loves Hi-Points as much as I do with trigger time behind the Storm. I have never had the pleasure of shooting the Storm personally, but I would shoot it if given the opportunity.
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    No need to apologize man. I am not offended easily, and believe we all have a right to voice our opinion no matter what others think.

    We all have our opinons. The fact that your opinion may differ from mine and that mine may differ from yours does not make either of us wrong, only different. I know that there are alot of people out there that will bash hi-points simply because they are inexpensive. I am not one of those people. I do believe they are good weapons for the money, as I have stated several times. I do believe there are some areas where hi-point falls behind other manufacturers. That doesnt mean I think the weapons are crap, it only means that i think that there are areas that could use improvement. After all, shouldnt every company strive to improve thier products if possible?
  20. The thing that I found out at the Shot Show is that Hi-Point is actually taking our suggestions and trying to apply them to their products. When Elguapo and I were there, we were labled "consultants" for the company, which is basically what our forum is to Hi-Point MKS. We take their weapons, use them, trust our lives to them and basically give them an invaluable amount of free advertising not only for their products, but for their customer service. We also do alot of work spreading the word about Hi-Point and we have all done work helping their reputation. We have all dispelled the myth that Hi-Points are cheap, gang banger guns. They are taking our suggestions to heart, and are working to improve their product lines from our suggestions based on our experience with them and the trigger time we have with these guns...

    What other company would do that?