Next Generation of Hi Point Carbines

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Bang Boogie, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Hi Point definitely knows what they are doing..However, as with all good things, they can stand to be better. For the next generation of Hi Point Carbines (Summer 2008 hopefully :roll:) , they should have the updated stock as promised, and a higher magazine capacity. Perhaps they can base it on the Ruger P89 or Browning Hi Capacity Mec Gar magazines as to not infringe upon the Kel Tec's design. Perhaps Para Ordnance's .45 ACP high capacity magazine for the 4595!? Imagine a Hi Point 4595 with 14+1 capacity and a red dot scope? ::drools:: Oh and perhaps some sort of Pachmyer or Hogue grip would be excellent.

    What features would you like to see on an upcoming Hi Point Carbine 995/4095/4595?
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    hell, I'd just be happy if I could find some around... maybe the camo stock is working too well :? :D Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm suprised theres not a OD green or Dark Earth (brown) factory stock :idea: I wonder how those would sell...

  3. I think an OD stock would be cool. As far as hi-cap mags didn't they already say there was no plans to ever make any?
  4. what makes you think a 2nd generation is coming out?

    Is there true knowledge that a 2nd generation carbine is in the works, or is this just wishful thinking?
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    [​IMG]FWIW my Kel-tec came with a Mec-Gar magazine. It appears that a double stack magazine the length of the oem Hi-point would hold 15-16 rounds. The pro-mags were an abomination[looks-wise]in either the oem stock or the Ati, not to mention they simply didn't work without modification.

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    First off don't be looking for Hi Point to be upgrading the mag capacity at all. They won't! As for upgrading the stock they may be doing some interior work on it but the overall design will stay the same.
    It's a hot selling carbine that works there really isn't any neeed to make any major mods to it. The same for the pistols as well
  7. Nothing wrong with wishing, but remember Hi Points are inexpensive because they keep manufacturing cost at the bare minimum, so I would not expect anything too fanciful from them even with the new .45 carbine.