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  1. Ok guys I have been looking on Google for a how to make shotgun shot....

    Does anyone have and good info on what it takes to make shotgun shot?????
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    they make molds for some of the bigger shot like OObuck and such. But for shot, Molten lead is poured onto a "strainer" and the droplets of shot fall into watter. gravity makes them "round". The farther the drop the more "round" the shot. Ideally we are talking about a several story drop from "shot towers". I seen a guy make his own shot using a 10 foot drop, his shot was more of a "pear" shape than a ball.

    Google "shot tower"

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    Around here lead shot is very hard to find, and when you do it costs over $60 a bag of 25pounds.
  4. I have 2 shot shell reloaders, and I haven't even used them cuz shot costs so much.....
  5. Yeah I have 3 in Michigan that my dad dosent use any more. One in 12ga, 20a, and 4.10. From what I have seen I wont save much if any money reloading shotgun.
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  7. WOW I must be think in the head tonight I am a member there lol wow sorry for my retardism tonight guys lol