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nice but cheap carbine case

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i happen to run across this site the other day and thought it was a pretty good deal for carbines or maybe a home defense shotgun

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I guess a case is good for transporting to/from the range or hunting camp. I prefer to keep mine more ready-to-use than having to open a case to get to it. But, on the other hand I guess it doesn't matter how many firearms you have in your arsenal, you will only use one in a surprise self-defense situation. Just have to decide ahead of time which one it will be.

I have a case for my sks which does not fit now that I have a scope on it. The 995 or 4095 would fit easily in it, but I have not decided to close either of them up yet.
Good info. A case is on my list for sometime in the future 8)
I was going to order this for my carbine but now I am a little torn...I will have to check them both out some more.

$25 at dicks

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$25 at dicks

+1 on this case

I got mine for around $25 as well at Gander Mountain. It is a little longer but I needed a taller case due to the red dot. Has some extra room for mags etc. like in the photo.
MidwayUSA has a self-branded tactical bag on sale this week. The 46" case is $16.99 as of typing this. I just picked up two.


This link was having some errors earlier today, might be because of the traffic on this item. The deal is alos on their home page.
$25 at dicks

Nice...I got 3 at WalMart for $8 each.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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