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    Do it yourself, it's cheaper.

    Buy it now for $370.00, plus $25.00 shipping, plus FFL dealer charge. or
    Bid $285 (hope you win the bid) + $25.00 shipping + FFL fee


    Do what I did, I bought a new Hi-Point $190.00 and an ATI Stock $47,00 (That's only $237.00) I also added the ATI Intergrated Laser $57.00, Tactical Scope $40.00 and tactical butt pad $8.00 and it took about 45 minutes of my time.

    $342.00 total and it's complete with laser and scope. 8)

    Do it yourself...

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    Wasn't a horrible deal if you didn't want to take the time to do it yourself. But if you do it yourself you can save a little money.
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  4. im just saying it looks cool not that i was thinking of buying it. shipping cost and transfer cost will add about another $60 to $80, no thanks. i would just buy local. im still looking for another c9 though. i did go to the gun shop and they had a used ar-15 for $299. im still tempted to buy it. never had experience with one so im doing research on the net on them.
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    An ar-15 for $299 and your doing research? Is it ground and beat to hell? If not save the research and go buy it if it is still there.
  6. AndrewST

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    The heck! You seen an AR-15 for $299 and didn't buy it? I would assume by you not buying it, the AR was all beat the heck and trashed....

    right? It was trashed, and not working????

    If it wasn't...I would get back to that shop and get it
  7. tuesday is the only day i can make it there. they close early on sat and dont open on sun. monday is a long day at work for me so by the time i get off theyre closed. thats what im looking for on the net, what should i look for when inspecting the ar? it was scratched but not that bad. i asked if he had fired it or inspected it but he said no. but would give me 30 day warranty on it. i was in and out since i had to go get the kids from school so i didnt even get to handle it. he was just tagging it with the price.
  8. You need to call him tomorrow while at work and put a reserve on that gun, until you can get a chance to look at it. Even if you do buy it for $299.00 and it doesn't work properly, you can always take it to a gunsmith and have them work it up for you so that it does work. That's just way too damn cheap a price for an AR to not buy it.

    Oh, and since I am only 85 miles north of you, where is this gunshop, I will go check it out for you if you want... No, don't worry, I'll be bringing my checkbook with me too... :wink:
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    rip off...plain and simple
  10. I just bought a used AR and it was not even close to that price. I would give it a real good look over.If you buy it please send a few pics out.
  11. i stopped by yesterday after work( since theres a harbor freight tools next to it and i went to buy a polisher) but it was gone. i asked the guy (not the same one i saw tagging it with the price) and told me that he had never seen an ar sell for that cheap even used and that he never saw one at the shop but only the new ones. wtf. i need to catch the older guy i saw and ask him about it.
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    Gabriel, if that AR-15 was tagged at $299 it was gone by the time the next customer came in, are you really expecting it to be there several days later? :lol: