Nice hidden stash

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  1. Can't remember who's cabinets these were, but it kicks hindquarters!



  2. Strangerous

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    That's what i'm talking about! Why did he put handles on them? It's a dead giveaway! J/K Awesome job, but i can never do this... i like to pet my firearms too much. :)

  3. I remember those pics... That's some I am Legend stuff right there!
  4. wow that is freaking awesome
  5. z71silverado98

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    i dont remember his username but the avatar was a large pale heavy metal looking guy.
  6. Strangerous

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    He's 17 years old... i doubt very seriously that's his cache.
  7. If it is, I wish I'd had that job when I was 17 cause it certainly didn't pay enough to get those babies lol
  8. That is a sweet idea!

    Although the handles are certainly an invitation to "see what's behind door number 1".

    Recessed handles on the bottom of the doors would take care of that.

    I just wish my arsenal was like that. :cry:
  9. That looks like Burts guns off of Tremors(movie).
  10. Mmmmm....hidden guns (salivates ridiculously) :eek:
  11. Huggy

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    I believe you're thinking of ofico, but I couldn't remember if that was his setup or not.
  12. deaconwagers

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    holy crap. i thought of bert in tremors, as well.
  13. Whoever it is, it's sweet :D
  14. Ridge

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    Damn thats what I want to do! :)
  15. gunnut

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    It's nice, but there is one problem, no mags or ammo! Probably scares the crap out of future son-in-laws, but not much good without the above mentioned items in close range.
  16. Ridge

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    Well who knows what that wooden desk down underneath the cases is full of? :)
  17. AMMO!