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I'm still not convinced that the guys who have issues with an ATI stock installed are having problems because of the stock, or just coincidence.

But even if the stock causes no problems, I see another issue that could come up with the ATI.

Hi-Point was wise to make sure all fasteners, action-to-stock, sling-to-stock, everything, uses fasteners that pass through the stock instead of a wood screw simply digging in to the plastic. As a result, you can take the carbine apart twenty times, and the stock will still bolt on as snug as the day you bought it.

But on the ATI, it looks like you have several areas where a wood screw is used to hold a plastic part on. This means if you tear down the carbine a few times, you are digging out all the holes where these wood screws grip, eventually causing problems. Aren't the barrel cover, barrel clamp, mag catch and rear cover all held on with wood screws driven into plastic?

To anyone who has had the ATI for a while, have you noticed any problems here?
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