Night firing at the bad guys, totally awesome

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    I havnt seen that one before. Would like to see the whole video, rather than just the kill.

  2. Sorry, cant help you there, what you see is what you get on this one. Still, its pretty cool.

    I know I would not want to be on the receiving end of that shooting.
  3. that dog on the top right took off like a bat out of... well you know lol
  4. well, I'd love to watch it, but for some reason when my media player opens, it opens to the right of my monitor offscreen and I can't figure out yet how to fix it.... :evil:
  5. LOL

    Yeah but the dog has superior night vision and hearing. That's probably why he was already way over there in the first place. :D
  6. 4 down, 14,496 to go :).

    From what I heard the insurgency doesn't have the massed battles with our forces they used to during the first year of the war due to them running out of warm bodies. Everyone we tag now counts more and more.
  7. That was sooooo wicked ! I had to watch it 3 times!
  8. Keep trying, the videos are worth the work ;)
  9. You have to love that thermal sight. When I changed over from the M60 series tank with its infared sights to the M1 Abrams and the thermal imaging system, it was love at first sight for me.

    Funny story, we were on manuevers in Germany, we had a guy go into the woods to ahem, "relieve" himself of his sexual needs, and with the old 60's he would have been fine.

    With the new thermal sights, we heard from another one of the tanks on the radio, turn on your thermal sights hurry!!

    Guess what, brush doesnt mask a hot body too well. That poor guy never lived that one down. LOL And NO its wasnt me!
  10. I was wondering how you'd gotten the nickname "sticky fingers" lol
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    LMAO!!! Waltham41, oh that is too funny to be true! :lol:
  12. Strangerous if I'm lyin I'm dyin :)