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I found myself with a selection of night sight options, so I thought I'd take some pics, do some comparisons and post up the results.

All of the pics were taken with a Kodak EasyShare Z1275, in manual mode - F2.8/0.4 sec exposure/ISO 800. Given that this is not a quality camera, those numbers will translate very poorly to any other. But, they serve the purpose of having some sort of consistency between shots.

Each product was exposed to a UV lamp (3 UV LEDs) for 10 seconds before the pic was taken. Product URLs are given with the tags on each pic where applicable.

The pics were done with each gun on a counter and the camera on a tripod. They're grainy, but again, this isn't a problem since it's a constant across the shots. The guns vary through the pics, only the first one is important to point out as a comparison.

Sig P239, stock nightsights:

Trijicon add-ons

Glow, Inc paint. "Ultra Green V10", gun 1

Glow, Inc paint. "Ultra Green V10", gun 2
NOTE: the "fourth dot" is actually a reflection off of the slide on the gun.


Glow, Inc paint on top of NiteSiters:

Crimson Trace Laser: (I just had to! :))

Hope that helps!

note: if you're sub'd to various forums, you may see this post again. I find this discussion all over the place, so I'm going to repost this note "around town".
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