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Should HP Pistols have Night Sights?

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  1. Hey HP

    How about some night sights?

    They don't need to be super dooper, stay bright for 72 hours in total darkness sights but something that would last a few hours in darkness.

    You have the dots already, make them glow.
  2. I'd like 'em. Always a nice backup in case your tac-light craps out.

  3. damageinc

    damageinc Guest

    i would buy one with night sights for sure.
  4. Definitely. Or at least the option/ability to easily install some.
  5. Someplace on the net I saw where you could buy little vials of paint that glowed in the dark after a few seconds of exposure to light. If I can find it I will post it here.

    EDIT here is a site that has individual vials, reasonable priced and you can do all of your weapons.

    Bottom of the page, 3 different colors avaliable
  6. I tried that a while back. I didn't use that brand, so it might work better than what I used, but I was pretty disappointed in its performance. It does not even come close to being as useful as tritium sights.
    I removed it and may try this sometime:

    If anyone has personal experience with the product, I'm listening...
  7. I dont know that they need them but it would be awsome if they did.

    SOLOFX Guest

    Oh yes good Idea
  9. Deltaboy

    Deltaboy Guest

    Yes Big Glowing Dots
  10. I haven't tried them myself, but I heard some good things about these:

    Basically, they're glowy dots you add to your pistol, sort of like a supercharged version of those glow in the dark t-shirts. They do need a source of light to charge up, but you can use a UV penlight apparently.

    I'm going to be ordering some of these for a non-firearm project so I'm bound to apply some to at least one rifle.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Ya don't need night sights, open yur freakin eyes at night!!! And the reg sights work very well at night. I know I can see mine at night and I have bad eyes.
  12. Thunder496

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    I got some paint on ebay (just don’t tell them your buying it for a gun) that I painted the sights on my Ruger P90 and repainted the night sights on my Yugo SKS that worked really well. the seller ID is readysetglo. They advertise glow time of 14hours.
  13. Thunder, that would be a great idea. When you decide to do it, make sure you take pictures and do a "How To" write up and post it here on the Forum in the Techs Tips area so everyone can benifit from your experiment. Think you can do that?
  14. I think they would be cool. And yeah, great idea Thunder.

    Btw, what is your avatar from, PrimalSeal?
  15. Thunder496

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    Sorry it was almost a year ago. I traded both of the guns I did that on, and didn’t get pictures. The paint I got seemed to be a latex based, and the only coloring was the glow in the dark additive(I did know about that when ordering) witch didn’t show up well on its own in the day light. On the Ruger P90 I just painted over the white dots on the factory sights. It worked really well I had the white dots during the day and at night after a few seconds under a flashlight the dots would glow very bright. On the Yugo I scraped out the old tritium paint so there was no coloring to show up during the day, but at night same as the P90 they would glow very bright. I’m not sure what Hi Point pistols have, the dots on the P90 and the Yugo where recessed and held the latex paint well. It may not hold up well on a more exposed surface. If you need it to show up in the daytime make sure to use paint that has color in it, or paint over something that will show up. I never tried it on the plastic sights on my Glock. I didn’t think it would stick. The other Idea I had was get some of the glow powder from the same seller, some model paint(or nail polish) from Wally World, and make my own glow in the dark enamel. I just ordered that powder and will try that in the next couple of weeks. I just got a GI 1911 I want to do something to the sights to make them stand out better in the day and night time. Will post with updates when I do.
  16. My avatar is from the movie Saving Private Ryan, where PVT Jackson is in the tower sniping the enemy as he's quoting Psalms 144:1

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    2 My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and He in whom I trust
  17. Ah. Haven't seen that movie in such a long time, I don't remember that scene... thanks for telling me, though :)
  18. ThePBM

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    if you're gonna have to carry a penlight to charge your little dots, you might as well carry a fantastic lighting apparatus somehow highlighting locations in general heading toward subjects (aka flashlights)
  19. Does the paint you got from him ever harden up? Mine so far has stayed soft and rubbery and comes off easily, and honestly does not glow all of that bright that I can see.

    Dissiapointed in it so far, but didnt spend a whole lot out of pocket so just wrote it off.