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    I was on an night time war games deal while I was in the military and noticed that I attraced more attention when they could see my flash from the end of ny weapon. We were just shooting blanks. I decided to make it to the tent I was supposted to take out without making a single shot until I made it to the tent. I won but how do you hide a muzzle flash.
  2. Silencers...... That will contain almost all of it. Other than that you can say bang bang lol

  3. Shooting a gun at night will produce a muzzle flash, the larger the caliber the larger the flash. In a survival situation your best choice to E&E rather than going head to head with another armed individual. The military folks have the advantage of having medics and a full fledged hospital within helo range, provided you survive being hit by hostile/friendly fire. As a civilian your only hope at surviving a gun shot is avoiding the confrontation all together. You get hit under survival conditions and you will most likely die a slow painful death.
  4. Unfortunately, I will agree with RFH on this one. It's sad to realize this, but it's true.

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    This off a bit but many years ago my local LEO's were practicing shooting at night with just the blue lights on. One of them he's retired and came back part time now went to fire his side arm first shot there is a spark in front of him about 4 feet away they turned on a flashlight.......He had shot off the AM-FM radio antenna . They hung it over his office door and labled him DEAD EYE. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Was the antenna made out of TITANIUM?
  7. Not that is some good shooting lol

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    Well it wouldn't have been rib tickleing funny except He stated before he fired "Let me show you boys how it's done!"
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    The millitary also has NVG and not the walmart special, They use third Generation.

    With these it greatly increases accuracy. How ever combersome.

    As for the muzzle flash, nothing you can do. Maybe tape a popcan to the end for the one shot but best revert to RHF post.
  10. I saw a video on some form of flash suppressor for an M4 that cut the flash down by a significant amount, but as far as reducing it altogether I do not know of any reliable method.
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    You could try handloading and try to find a powder / charge combination that would completely burn the powder prior to the bullet exiting the barrel. Barring that find the best flash suppressor you can.

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    People always say the bigger the bullet the bigger the flash which is true but my wife has a tarus pt22 and the flash on that thing at night is like a 50 bmg it crazy. its almost as big as the flash on my m91/30.