Nightsighter sights for C9

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  1. Finally got my nightsighter self illuminating sights yesterday. They are a glow in the dark dots that you charge up for the evening, before going out. Or place under the bedside lamp and they are supposed to be good for the night. I had to use two dots on the front sight , because it's slanted, but they seem to work O K. Now if they will stay on the sights over time , I'll be happy.
  2. I am thinking of getting the paint kit so I can do all of the guns that I may use at night if need be.

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    let us know how it works as I am wondering what to us the dots or the paint
  4. post some picture if you can.
  5. Went to the range today with my brother in law and nephew and we all thought the sights did just fine. I like 'em. and if I charge them up in the evening they should be ok.
  6. I have nitesighters on several of my guns. If I hit the XD with the scorpion for 60 secs you could land a plane nearby. They don't stay that bright for long of course - but checking them when I leave for work at 5 or so, I can still easily see them in the dark. Not a bad deal for $10, and I have them on my M&P and P-11. Put on properly, they stay.
  7. Scorpion? I use the bedside lamp before hitting the sack.
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    What did you do to clean the surface of the sight before you put the stickers on the gun?
  9. They provide a swab patch saturated with alcohol. You need to clean it really well and use a hair dryer to warm the slide . The glue on the back of the dots they provide is supposed to be heat enhanced. ( heat makes it stick better)

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  10. I did too....... till I shot them with the Scorpion. 1 min is all it takes. HUGE difference.
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    took mine off the c9 , they worked great in the dark, but my old eyes like the bright colors in the daylight, but the rest of them will be used on a couple wheelguns