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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by wingman, May 5, 2015.

  1. wingman

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    I went to my LGS this morning to buy a Hi Point 9MM pistol. All the distributors he uses were sold out. They did not know when any more would be available. Perhaps that is why they are building the new plant in Texas.
  2. Fracman

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    The Texas plant is for the 10mm stuff

  3. Think1st

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    Wishing it won't make it so, unfortunately.
  4. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    I'll run up there and talk them into the 10mm.
  5. panoz77

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    I thought the Texas plant is where they are building the new Hipoint 12 G bullpup shotguns? That is awesome that the same plant is going to make the 10mm too.

  6. what_now

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    From what I've heard and read they don't constantly make C9's, CF380's, 995's, 4095's, 4595's. They make one model for certain amount or until they make a certain number to ship out, then switch to another model. Usually twice a year they are sold out most places and waiting for new shipments.
    Order online and have it shipped to your LGS. In stock @ $127.95. Not sure how much shipping is.
  7. wingman

    wingman Member

    I was not aware of the alternating manufacturing. I will keep checking back at my LGS and check out the site you highlighted. Thanks!
  8. bluharley

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    CTD has them, but man, has the price gone up on 9mm. Get a JHP or JCP for under $150, but $194 for a C9, crazy.
  9. panoz77

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    CTD can suck a donkey dong.
  10. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Fixed it for you.:cool:
  11. cicpup

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    So are you saying that as supply has gone down the price at CTD has risen 25%? I don't believe it. They would never do something like that.
  12. wingman

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    I'll just wait until Hi Point makes the next batch.
  13. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Yeah, that's not nearly high enough.:rofl:
  14. Dave4903

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    Get it from kygunco. The ky is for kentucky not something that you need for high prices.
    I always check for availability and pricing.
  15. RangeRat

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    I finally decided to get a c9 a couple of months ago, when I got to my LGS they nor their supplier didn't have any even their online supplier. A couple of weeks later they had them again. I bought mine last week for $141 plus tax. and the price does fluctuate.

    btw the one I got was the base model in a cardboard box. the ones with the hard case, or with a pocket knife, or locking safe were around $195
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  16. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    Last week Cabela's had the C9 for 139.00
  17. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    For ten dollars more you could get a JHP.
  18. I just bought a pair of JHP 's from KYGUN CO. They list C9's in stock for $ 140.

  19. Where in Texas is the new plant?
  20. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter