No Firearms Allowed on Greyhound

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    I was checking into going out to Oklahoma to buy a car from my dad. I don't want to fly for a couple of reasons. The biggest is getting a ride from Oklahoma City to my dad's. His mind is going. He gets lost really easy. My sister suggested Greyhound. $150 and that drops me 45mi from dad and he has friends that could pick me up that live in that town. Greyhound won't let you carry ammo or a firearm on your person, or in your luggage.

    I really don't want to rent a car as it will be $$$$ right now due to spring break. The people's insurance that caused the wreck almost 2 weeks ago haven't accepted liability yet. And haven't done their investigation. Their insured lied to his agent and told him it was a 1 car accident. Then my attorney sent them the accident report from metro. No news as of this past Friday. 1 way rental would be expensive. $309 so far.

    I have things to do and not much time :mad:
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    NE Utah
    Do they have metal detectors yet?


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    Don't know. I haven't rode on a bus since 1975. Jesus got on the bus in Coral Gables. Then the driver kicked him off. As we were riding by a bar we saw Jesus come tumbling out the door :eek:
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    When do you want to go? I'll pick you up on Wednesday, you can ride in the back with 5 kids and a puppy. Check the train schedule and prices.

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    Straight shot across I-40 almost to OKC. Then drop down 45mi. Going to Oklahoma?

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    Holy crap! $500+ for Amtrak! I just want to ride, not buy it! :rofl:
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    Fly into Tulsa. I will haul you over there
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    Many stops do have metal detectors you walk through now a days. Others just wand you on an irregular basis. Baggage same when you check in. Larger cities some times have sniffer dogs for drugs but they will alert on smell of gun oil and powder.

    In our nearby City, they have wands and walk through. For years now, Greyhound will confiscate any gun found period. You will never get it back either.
    If found on you or in luggage, they will put you on a ban list and kick you off that bus.
    Then you also have to deal with some local PD.

    Just not worth taking one to a Greyhound Terminal.

    Edit: Oh, each stop where you may change buses will have more checks again.
  9. I have taken the greyhound and mega bus a lot. I have never gone through a metal detector or been searched. I have never seen any security at all. The last time I rode mega bus I moved from Iowa back to Ohio and had my gun in my bag the whole time.
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    I don't know what that Mega Bus outfit's rules are. Greyhound, it depends on what terminals you use. A person either takes a chance or not.

    Edit: Now, if you took a bus from Iowa to Ohio, you must have entered Illinois.
    Not too sure how legal that was.
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    Considering some of the folks I've encountered on buses it's easy to understand why. Makes me thankful I don't need a weapon to take someone out if I needed to,
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    Carry your G23, plastic pistola especial and it won't wand out,
    and if by some chance it does, you haven't lost anything "especial" :rofl:
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    No, I'm up on 70 for times sake, but 40 is an alternate route home for us because we end up on 40 from Oakley Kansas damn near to the house.

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    US40 is what you are talking about. Not I-40. I have been on US40. Just back in the Eastern Seaboard. Not is CO, or KS. I kind of miss running over the road as I went to a lot of small towns and back roads. I didn't get to go out West as much as I wanted. Screw the East! :p

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    bite me mR.G20C
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    mole I have a g26 I don't need a g20 to make me feel special but I do still want one.
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    Yes, I assumed you knew I was talking about I-40 as an alternate route. We can also take 80 as well. 71 to Louisville, 65 to Nashville, 40 all the way out to Amarillo, then I jump on 27/87/287/385 (yes, it's one road) to 50, make a left, and go home. lol

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    Get a 29. You can convert to .40, or 9. Or get a 27 and have .40 and 9. I do!
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    I've always thought the "G guns" looked just as ugly as the "H guns" ;)
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    Tnt if you ride with Richger to Shawnee, ok I'll take you to your dads I'm just 12 mi north of I40