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No Guns No Money

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I copied this off another forum where you can print these out and pass em to all these stores that don't allow CCW I printed some up on card stock I had and cut them into business card size

NOTE you copy the first part then turn the paper over and copy the 2nd part on the back. It will fit
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"my fingerprints are on file with the authorities" should not be a statement of pride, considering that the only other fingerprints "on file" with the authorities are the criminals.
Don't teachers have to be fingerprinted? I thought my mom did when she started....

You state you have been fingerprinted as part of your job, a voluntary thing for sure, you chose to take the job. A state requiring it for a CCW is a whole nother ballgame.
You chose to take the job, you chose to get the CCW. How is that much different, exactly?
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