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    I have been pass stores that have the "No Weapons allowed" posting and i did not go in because of it, but i did not tell them. Its hard for me to confront, so i found an easy way to show how many people they are not selling to due to their policy. Its a business size card that can be handed to them or set on a counter that tells them just what I feel about their sign and why its a bad thing not to allow law-abiding people into their store. If they don't know that you just passed them they won't know how much $$$ they are loosing. I attached a pdf for the cards one for the back and one for the back of card.

    Pass them out, let them know there loosing our $$$$$

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    that is very cool..

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    that's a really cool idea!!
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    ...and in an easy-print format to boot!
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    oddly enough, there are a few hi-profile gun shops in Tucson that don't allow guns in their stores. Others will allow, but they must be holstered or cased. They cant be afraid of being held up, all the employees open carry. Maybe they've had some no-brainers walk in, mishandle, and somebody got hurt. You can actually open or conceal carry in places where alcohol is consumed, so long as you DONT DRINK or there's no sign in front stating no firearms allowed.

    Strangely, the banks don't allow smoking inside, but have no problem with firearms.

    Also, like your idea and will be printing up cards. Office supply stores, including wallyworld also sell business blank cards that you can print at home. there's even an easy to set up template provided by Avery Label
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    "in THE future" you forgot a word there
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    I've had more than one clueless guy walk into where I work and pull out a loaded firearm to show me. I got swept by a loaded Glock 19 pulled from a big nylon holster concealed awkwardly under a sweatshirt. It was a somewhat unnerving experience.

    Another guy, over my protestations that he needed to keep his firearm holstered, drew his revolver and unloaded it because he just HAD to show me the moon clips it used. He's lucky I can't carry at work, or he might have been drawn down on.

    I swear, some people...
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    OOPS. LOL. should have had my wife proof read. Thanks
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