No more pirate WiFi!!!! I'm back up!

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    Well, after cursing the ancient lines in my house and their inability to carry a decent highspeed net connection, I went researching for a better way.

    And I FOUND it!

    Turns out, my wireless company, Verizon, has a Broadband wireless service that carries a signal just as fast as DSL over CDMA networks. This means that not only can I get highspeed net wirelessly, but I can get it anywhere I get a cellphone signal!

    So, for $25 for an activation fee, I got a free wireless modem and 5 gigs of data transfer a month for about $60. They just tack it onto my regular wireless bill, and for only 10 bucks more than I would be paying for home highspeed net, I can get it in the Cab AND at home. And, after breaking down the data usage, that means it would take the equivalent of 1,500 web page loads a DAY to equal 5 gigs of usage a month. On average, I only load about 400 a day. That leaves room for about 10 songs a day to download and about an hour of streaming video a day and I'm still under plan with what I use the net for.

    So I am FINALLY back to normalcy around here! And, I can get online more often now that I can take it with me on the road. That should help with the cab driving night job.
  2. Sounds like a good deal for you. I'm not sure how you figured out the breakdown of all that but if it works, you're in business. We'll be glad to have you around on a regular basis again too. :)

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    Good to see you back! It was getting a little lonely without you Neo!

    I would download this software, it will keep track of you data usage and keep you informed in real time as to what is going on. It also keeps daily, weekly, and monthly logs of your usage.

    I have found in the past that cell phone providers who also provide data services can be a little "generous" in the amount they say you actually use. This will prevent any issues in the future if they say you manage to go over your limit when you didn't.
  4. neothespian

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    Checking it out. The software bundle came with a full utility set that is actually *gasp* pretty well engineered! Of course, having a double set of software really helps.

    As far as breakdown goes, in 2 hours I've recieved and sent about 30MB of data from regular web browsing (that was checking my bank account, updating posts on here, checking some med res 2.0 MP-ish images of motorbike parts and such). Multiply that by 3 just in case I want to get online at work or want to download a few songs or upload some Youtube stuff. That's either 6 hours of average web browsing or 3 hours of heavy net use, 7 days a week. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I rarely spent 6 hours a day online even when I was part timed working at the theater in Flagstaff. This equals 2.7 Gigs a month. That STILL leaves me with 2.3 gigs to work with! And, if I want to download movies and music from a certain torrent site, I can simply hop on a WiFi link at the local coffee shop. That doesn't subtract from my data usage.

    So, in the end, I decided to go with the wireless. Also, being a Verizon customer with multiple lines, I didn't need a deposit while the DSL provider wanted $200 plus I needed to buy a new modem since my old one was "not configured" for their newly "updated" service, and the cable company wanted $250 and I still was waiting for up to 45 days while they retrofitted the old ass lines in the getto complex I'm living in. For me right now, it was the cheapest solution I could find and actually gave me some advantages I had never thought about in net access. Granted I would've been willing to pay for an unlimited data package, but I think the cap is to keep media piracy down to a dull roar.
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    Wow! They give useful software out now with the service? Impressive, now if only you had that stadium sized group of people to follow you around like on TV. Than you would be set!
  6. No more pirating? Can I have you hook and eye patch?
  7. That's funny.

    Welcome back NEO you ole pirate er I mean liberation fighter :lol:
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    0 can have the eyepatch but the hook is mine! Besides, it's not that great of a hook (I mean I DID buy it at Ikea....)
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    *Thread Jackish....*

    Since the topic of a pirates eye patch as come up. Does anyone know the real reason for the eye patch WITHOUT wiki/googlin/interneting the answer!

    Neo...I suspect you might know.
  10. neothespian

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    There are TWO supposed and applied theories that I have heard of.

    One is where British Marines would affix eyepatches to their shooters in order to train their "dominant" eye in shooting drills in order to compensate for various distractions one would find in ship to ship combat.

    The other is said that it increases the effectiveness of "dark" combat by sheilding one of the eyes until the attacker was below decks, which were poorly lit. When they boarded and went underdeck, they would remove the eyepatch that has till now been shielded from the sun and cover the other eye with it. This way, they wouldn't become "night blind" by the iris attempting to adjust to the abrupt darkness in the exposed eye.
  11. Did anyone see the episode of mythbusters where they tested the idea that the eyepatch was used to preserve night vision? Apparently it works pretty well.
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    Please let me know how this works after using it for awhile more. My wife wants us to get this.
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    I recommend Sprint. I have the Sprint Mogul Phone, and I pay $30/month for 500 min., unlimited high speed internet (EVDO Rev. A--the fastest current wireless technology), unlimited texts, and pix messaging, free nights/weekends (nights start at 7:00)...

    I connect my laptop via USB cable, and I usually get anywhere from 1200-5000kbps. I've had it since August '07, and I'll probably never use another carrier. Verizon did nothing but screw me the whole time I was with them.

    Anyway, if you're interested in the plan I have, check out this site.

    With Verizon, I was sharing 400 min., and 400 texts between my wife and me, and it was costing us about $85/mo. We now just have separate plans, with 500 min. each, and unlimited everything else. And we pay LESS than we were paying with Verizon...