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The confusion is that a large portion of Republicans are also Progressives, GW is a prime example. They vary on the manner of implementation or degree but that is all. There is hope many of these could be removed during the primaries and forcing at least one party back to some manner of sanity if people will get off their arses and get busy. I see no other choice as even the list of candidates so far in Dem primaries are dismal to the extreme.

Progressives are a disease on our Republic exceeded only by corruption in its destruction of this country. It is unfortunate we have to deal with both at once but that is our well deserved lot.

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kevron sorry to hear you dont wanna use the money that you pay in to help better your self. even with a degree there is always ways to better your self. just goto the last post that someone did on the obama son equal pay for equal work . you will see shooter and others say there shouldnt be equal pay for equal work. so now you are also saying that you dont wanna expand your self. to get yourself. a job or better pay. well we cant have it both ways only one will work. so if you dont wanna help your self get better pay then you are the only one to blame for your situation now not BO .as everyone says the bible says . HE ONLY HELPS THEM THAT HELP THEMSELVES. .so help your self by more education that is provided by this admin.

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DON'T BE PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH!!! I believe in equal pay BUT of I have been working for the same freakin company for 20 years and someone just got hired get the same pay. I don't think they should be getting the same rate of pay that I or anyone else gets with the same amount of experience and time in the company. I guess YOU think that if you start a job and have NO experience that you deserve the same pay as I who put in a few more years and jumped thru the hoops should get. THAT is what is wrong with you fools!! THAT is what is wrong with THIS freakin useless lackluster administration!!!

MAYBE YOU should use some of YOUR Messiah's money HE printed up and help better yourself maybe get TWO degrees!!

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My degree is in something I LOVE doing.. that's why I went to college. I could make more than 2x as much if I moved somewhere else, but I want my kids to live close to their Grandparents and Cousins.. because I didn't have a relationship with my grandparents and cousins growing up. I am not going to go to school and get a degree in something that I don't like, even if I end up making 10x the money. If I don't like doing it and I don't have fun at work, what's the point.

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so what you are saying is that it is your fault that you dont make more money not BO or the education you have just the spot you live which is your choice .got ya i thought you were saying its all BOs fault your not working .i got it now ty for clearing that up.

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Typical Damdocrap Turns the words around so that YOU are the bad guy.

Guy loses job: Oh it was YOUR fault cause you wouldn't bow to the master

Someone gets murdered: It's their fault cause they weren't submissive.

All the problems of the country: It's the EVIL REPUBLICAN'S fault as they spent all the money and now WE the good folk gotta clean up the mess [make sure we pay off the mobs, unions, ect first]

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We are being trolled Shooter. Its ok though the ignore button is back in operation.

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Not worth it at all , bet you have a few guns that need cleaning Shooter thats what Im up to today. Very zen very satisfying. Then I get to make them all dirty again. Very zen very satisfying.

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Truth is, the current interference by the federal government in local schools (no child left behind) is not helping the schools or the kids. Harsh reality is some kids don't care enough to not be left behind because that's how they value things. Other kids want to keep up but can't because of some kind of roadblock (Alana's dyslexia is a prime example).

The ones that want to be left behind, should be. Don't waste time on forcing them to catch up. Our district's interpretation of NCLB created a system that caused Alana to completely miss the subjects she was capable of excelling in to go to interventions (that didn't work because no one was trained in dyslexia) during the times those other topics were offered.

In addition, NCLB in our district created a situation where gifted students are forced to stay back with the ones that were average or struggling. Bad scores, poor education should be dealt with by voters at the local level through school board elections. Bad teachers should be fired based on honest and fair evaluations by competent administrators. Administrators should not get paid 3 times more than senior teachers. The government should butt out.
Too true!

.... but the fact remains we need to get it together as a country. Our financial values SUCK. It's time we made finances required learning in Junior High and High School because that's more important than algebra and trigonometry. It's time we require we don't spend more than we have. It's time we create a tax code that has a right and a wrong, and is not a matter of someones opinion. And it's time the government is held accountable for where our money goes.

One more thing, to no one in particular...spell check- because you should take just a little pride.
That's exactly right, mikana. My state DOES require Financial literacy to graduate, I teach it.
And you are right, the tax laws are ridiculous, I have a friend that runs a tire store, he started with quarterly filings, the IRS said we'll send you a booklet if your status changes and you need to file more often. After the first quarter he was making enough to file monthly, but the IRS takes 2 months to tell him that, and then FINES him for the whole 5 months...he protests and they fine him for the month it took them to answer back, even though his written protest is supposed to stop the clock...and meanwhile we hear about people using lawyers to get rid of hundreds of thousands in tax debt.

well i know that many many many people that couldnt go to school are now.
That's because they lost their jobs and have no choice. Two years ago they were all making $40K a year, and didn't need to go to school.
BTW, the REAL reason the economy collapsed was greed. Too many banks loaned too much risky money, since the regulations allowed them to sell them off and make a profit; and too many people borrowed more money than they could repay, to buy too big houses, too big toys like cars and trucks and RVs, with the idea they could flip them and get rich...(thanks to the greedy realtors!) and when they found out they couldn't flip that house, because the banks were suddenly unable to give bad loans to the NEXT group of idiots, everyone stopped spending; the market fell, the economy staggered, and the gov't got even stupider than ever and spent money WE don't have, to pay off the people that had caused it all in the first place!
And that is on the government, not the parties. Unfortunately, the gov't is US, and as Mikana says, we are idiots about money. And even worse, the idiots that support Obama are even worse economic idiots than the Republican idiots! If your hand is bleeding, you don't cut off your foot to provide more blood to it! YOU FIX THE PROBLEM!!!
If all else fails, you put on tourniquet, say goodbye to the hand, and move on.
But NOTHING Obama is doing is fixing anything.

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lets remember when bush cut 50% of all programs as i said and put them to the defense budget. that means ANY ADDITION IN FUNDS TO EDUCATION IS A INCREASE TO THE FORMER ADMINISTRATION. EVEN IF it was 1$ that is more then GW gave . which is why now there are more kids getting to finish college and go to college then in previous years.that is why now there are more moms and dads going back to school NOW then the previous years. WHY ? because this admin has now gave out more to education then the previous HOW ? because previous admin had cut 50% of its budget .lol so any money gave to education is a benefit. wow not hard to understand.

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oh and heres some education info for classes of 2009-2010 wow these guys and gals found a way to get education and wow look at the opps for them .

Rachel Zupek
CareerBuilder.com writer

Editor's note: CNN.com has a business partnership with CareerBuilder.com, which serves as the exclusive provider of job listings and services to CNN.com.

Even in tough times, some companies are hiring.

As graduations are taking place across the country and the economy is remaining in a bad state, college graduates are faced with one of the most competitive job markets in years.

It's important to realize, however, that although employers are proceeding with caution, many of them are still hiring.

Forty-three percent of employers plan to hire recent college graduates in 2009, down from 56 percent in 2008, according to CareerBuilder's Annual College Job Forecast.

The survey was conducted among 2,543 hiring managers and Human Resource professionals from February 20 and March 11, 2009.

"While recent college graduates are facing a highly competitive job market right now, there are still opportunities out there," said Brent Rasmussen, president of CareerBuilder North America.

"The biggest challenge is showing relevant experience, which employers say is one of the most important factors they look for in applications from recent college graduates. This isn't limited to professional work experience, so don't get discouraged. Class work, school activities and volunteering also qualify as relevant experience and can be included in your résumé as well."

If you're a recent college graduate looking for work, here are 25 companies who are hiring new graduates this year*:

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Industry: Insurance
Estimated new graduate hires: 800

Open positions: Claims adjuster trainee; financial analyst; investment analyst; actuarial assistant; application developer (IT), business analyst (IT)

Candidate qualities: General requirements include excellent written and verbal communication; organizational skills; strong computer skills; and ability to manage relationships in a fast-paced environment while demonstrating persistence and problem-solving skills. Educational requirements vary based on position.

Industry: Engineering
Estimated new graduate hires: 30-40

Open positions: Geologists, environmental scientists, engineers (civil, geological, geotechnical and transportation)

Candidate qualities: Internship experience in related engineering and science fields; knowledge of field based on experience and degree program; excellent verbal and writing skills; and demonstrated leadership on academic projects, honor societies and extracurricular activities.

Industry: Technology
Estimated new graduate hires: 250

Open positions: Sales associates

Candidate qualities: Energetic, entrepreneurial-minded professionals with outstanding interpersonal skills, a strong competitive attitude, excellent written and verbal communications skills, self motivation, exceptional work ethic and interest in management opportunities.

DISH Network
Industry: Television Entertainment Provider
Estimated new graduate hires: 40-70

Open positions: Various

Candidate qualities: Candidates that possess intelligence, energy and a need to achieve. Looking for those that can bring bright ideas and a unique perspective to the organization and customers and recognize them with greater responsibility, faster advancement, higher visibility and more rewards.

Industry: Insurance and financial services
Estimated new graduate hires: 300

Open positions: Business operations and IT management; supervisory leadership programs; management trainees; liability claims representatives; auto damage trainees; sales and service representatives; actuarial assistants; analysts; IT programmers, Web developers and systems analysts

Candidate qualities: Must have good grades; leadership potential; strong communication and computer skills; analytical and problem-solving skills; customer focus; looking for a career, not just a job. Business, liberal arts, computer science and math majors are encouraged.

Industry: Finance and banking
Estimated new graduate hires: 40-50 new hires in fall 2009

Open positions: Finance, risk, treasury, audit and IT jobs

Candidate qualities: High performers who take initiative, are flexible and adaptable to change. Applicants must be ethical, demonstrate leadership, achieve results, be a strategic thinker, have technical competence and embrace diversity.

Harris Corporation
Industry: Communications and information technology
Estimated new graduate hires: 170

Open positions: Engineering (software, mechanical, electrical, network); geospatial analysis; supply chain and procurement; accounting and finance

Candidate qualities: Confident students with good time-management, discipline and effective communication skills. New college grads must come from a regionally accredited institution and meet a minimum GPA requirement of 2.8.

Kaplan Higher Education
Industry: Education
Estimated new graduate hires: 250

Open positions: Corporate, operations and ground campus positions in marketing, finance, sales and Human Resources

Candidate qualities: Motivated applicants who are driven and high-performance oriented.

The Kroger Company
Industry: Grocery and retail
Estimated new graduate hires: 800

Open positions: Information systems, engineering and corporate audit retail, store management development program and career training program in manufacturing

Candidate qualities: Well-rounded individuals who show excellence in their fields of studies. Candidates must be results-oriented; possess good verbal and written communication skills; capable of build trusting relationships with other associates and customers; and able to understand and adapt to the needs of the customers.

Maxim Healthcare Services
Industry: Health care
Estimated new graduate hires: 500

Open positions: Entry-level sales recruiters

Candidate qualities: Highly-energetic, sales-minded individuals who are hungry for opportunity. Candidates should be interested in taking the next step and growing with the organization through hard work, dedication and determination.

Perot Systems
Industry: Information technology
Estimated new graduate hires: 50

Open positions: Business analyst, project coordinator, desk side support technician, revenue cycle representative

Candidate qualities: Candidates must possess company values and principles including integrity, personal accountability, teamwork and a passion for excellence. General requirements include excellent communication skills, strong problem solving and analytical skills, a proven track record of success and a strong work ethic. Previous health care and/or IT experience is a plus.

Quest Diagnostics
Industry: Health care
Estimated new graduate hires: 20-30

Open positions: Finance, Human Resources, IT, sales, marketing and operations

Candidate qualities: Strong educational background, desire and ability to learn, and a drive for results. Individuals must be willing to take on responsibility and accountability for his/her work and be able to work independently in a fast-paced changing environment.

Rite Aide Corporation
Industry: Retail pharmacy
Estimated new graduate hires: 250-350

Open positions: Entry-level management trainees; store management

Candidate qualities: Graduates who are passionate about providing superior customer service and demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit. Must possess general leadership qualities, a high degree of integrity, accountability and the ability to effectively communicate personal vision with your team. All academic majors will be considered.

Robert Bosch, LLC
Industry: Technology and services
Estimated new graduate hires: 20

Open positions: Professional development training (bachelor's level candidates) and junior management program (master's level candidates)

Candidate qualities: General requirements include a bachelor's or master's degree completed within last 36 months in electrical or mechanical engineering, finance, accounting, Human Resources, marketing/technical sales, or supply chain. Maximum of three years full-time work experience or less, excellent verbal and written communication skills, geographically mobile, minimum 3.0 - 3.2 cumulative GPA, and authorization to work in the U.S.

Ryder System, Inc.
Industry: Transportation
Estimated new graduate hires: 300

Open positions: Customer logistics specialist; logistics engineer; rental management trainee

Candidate qualities: General requirements include Microsoft Office knowledge, and strong communication, presentation, analytical and multi-tasking skills. Must be a goal-oriented, results-driven, assertive and self-motivated personality with the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, team environment.

Sabre Holdings
Industry: Information technology
Estimated number of new hires: 8

Open positions: Programmers, developers, marketing, business operations (finance)

Candidate qualities: Undergraduates in their junior or senior year, or seniors of graduate program. Must have previous work experience, ability to work with a team, assume project ownership, take pride in their work, and possess entrepreneurial spirit.

Sara Lee
Industry: Food and beverage
Estimated new graduate hires: 30

Open positions: Assistant brand managers, HR generalists, category analysts, operations supervisors, maintenance supervisors, associate scientists, demand planners and customer service account managers

Candidate qualities: Graduates actively seeking a platform on which they can propel themselves to visible, professional success.

Shell Oil Company
Industry: Oil and gas
Estimated new graduate hires: N/A

Open positions: Meteorology; industrial hygiene; geosciences; Engineering (mechanical, chemical, electrical, civil, environmental, petroleum); finance and accounting; Health, Safety, Security and environmental programs; sales

Candidate qualities: Minimum 3.2 GPA. Must be an innovative problem-solver and able to work well with others; technical skills and proven achievements are a must.

The Sherwin-Williams Company
Industry: Retail
Estimated new graduate hires: 550

Open positions: Management and sales trainees

Candidate qualities: Candidates should have a bachelor's degree, entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrated leadership ability, and work experience in customer service and/or sales. A willingness to relocate for advancement is encouraged.

Industry: Hospitality/contract services
Estimated new graduate hires: 95

Open positions: Food services manager, environmental services manager, dietitian, engineer and facilities manager, accountant

Candidate qualities: Students with necessary technical skills like communication, financial acumen and knowledge of the business. Integrity, motivation to succeed and flexibility are a must.

Sun Microsystems
Industry: Network infrastructure
Estimated new graduate hires: 80

Open positions: Computer science, electrical engineering, marketing and finance

Candidate qualities: Computer science and electrical engineering students who have a demonstrated ability to successfully balance academic requirements with internships and student club activity.

Tyson Foods Incorporated
Industry: Food services
Estimated new graduate hires: 50-65

Open positions: Operations, research and development, sales, marketing and information systems

Candidate qualities: Students with diverse and transferable skill sets and with college majors ranging from animal science and foods science, to business and information systems.

UnitedHealth Group
Industry: Health care
Estimated new graduate hires: 150-200

Open positions: Accountants, financial analysts, operations analysts, business analysts, product consultants, applications developers, programmers, actuarial analysts, internal auditors, communications specialists, marketing specialists, senior financial analysts and outbound marketing specialists

Candidate qualities: Smart, motivated, goal-oriented, career-minded individuals who work well in a team, and would enjoy working in a fast-paced environment.

Weichert Realtors
Industry: Real estate
Estimated new graduate hires: 640

Open positions: Sales associates

Candidate qualities: Must thrive in a team environment, have strong communication skills and enjoy interacting with people. Candidates should also be comfortable with technology and social networking online.

25. Whirlpool Corporation
Industry: Manufacturing, consumer products and durable goods
Estimated new graduate hires: 75

Open positions: Leadership development programs: engineering, finance, marketing, supply chain, information systems, operations management and sales

Candidate qualities: Ability to drive change and exhibit leadership, teamwork, effective communication skills, customer focus and integrity. Demonstrated capability to achieve extraordinary results a must.

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Plus I'm here in town on the weekends, I'll watch over her...

my 2 cents, as if it matters

I was homeschooled by very conservative parents in a very conservative network of homeschooling families and with very conservative curriculum. I have pretty much rejected most of the ideology that i was taught under. homeschooling does not guarantee that your kid will 'grow up knowing the truth'. it only guarantees that you will get a chance to teach them they way that you want to. in the end, they grow to be adults who eventually need to make their own way in the world.

socialization? well most everyone i knew who was homeschooled was weird before they were homeschooled. homeschooling usually made it worse, but they were pretty much screwed from the outset. we had lots of socialization, we attended science labs to supplement our education (i spent a lot of time at the ICR headquarters, for those of you familiar with the Institute for Creation Research). We had tons of field trips that really were very educational. I even played sports for the local high school. but all that socialization can't fix the social retards. If they were social outcasts who were homeschooled, chances are they would have been social outcasts in public school.

the quality of education was good, but that was because my mom put a lot of work into it. it depends on the parent. just because a kid is homeschooled doesn't automatically mean that they are going to get a better quality education.

public school is indoctrination, but so is ideologically driven homeschooling. i hate when people try to act like just because you homeschool your kid, that means that they won't be brainwashed. They are brainwashed either way, but when you homeschool, you get to determine the flavor.

in the end, you gotta do what's right for your kid. if you are dedicated and have the resources, maybe you should consider the option. but its not a decision to take lightly and you really need to dedicate your whole life to it if you are going to do it.

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oh how funny i found yet another 23.6 million for education to our vets lol funny how everyone says no money for education but dig you shall find. and this 1 is just a emergency 23. million .lol . im sure glad our dem admin isnt putting money in education like some are saying. and that 23 million is just wats being sent out that afternoon.

October 2nd, 2009
Long lines for veterans looking for emergency education funds
Posted: 07:17 PM ET
From Adam Levine

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Millions of dollars in emergency checks were issued to veterans Friday in an effort to help them pay for school expenses while they await a backlog in processing of their education claims.

More than 8,500 checks valued at nearly $26 million were issued by late afternoon to eligible veterans, according to statistics provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. An additional 7,880 requests for funds were submitted online with an additional $23.6 million being distributed.

The emergency funds were necessary because, as of last week, the VA had yet to process applications for as many as 75,000 veterans eligible for education funds under the various VA programs, including 25,000 under a new program for those who have served since September 11, 2001.

VA statistics from last week, the latest available, show more than 27,500 have already received benefits for housing or books under the new Post-9/11 GI Bill, and hundreds of thousands more have gotten benefits under its other programs. The lag is both because some schools have not filed for the tuition and because of backlog at the Veterans Affairs offices, department spokeswoman Katie Roberts said.

The demand for the funds was evident from the outset as lines formed at regional VA offices around the country in the early going, according to Ryan Galluci of AMVETS. But Galluci said the lines dissipated by the afternoon, and many veterans were able to walk in and apply for the money with little wait.

Offices in Waco, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; New York and Washington had the most traffic, according Roberts. A CNN producer went to the Washington office in the late morning and did not see any evidence of long lines.

“We are staying open until every veteran has been served,” she said.

The emergency funds program was a stark turnaround for the VA. The decision by Veterans Secretary Eric Shinseki to issue the funds as a stop-gap measure came after several weeks of vocal complaints by veterans that the administration and schools were not processing the applications fast enough. The delay forced veterans to borrow money or potentially drop out of school to work because they didn’t have the appropriate funds.

“The VA has to be lauded for doing what’s right to help student veterans through this difficult transition period,” said Veterans of Foreign Wars spokesman Joe Davis. “Schools have the financial means to accommodate late payments. Landlords, grocers, pharmacists do not. Any help is appreciated.”

Any money given to eligible veterans will be deducted from their education benefits and can be used for housing and books. The VA has been speaking to schools to ensure that veterans do not get kicked out if their tuition has yet to be paid, said Roberts.

Veterans groups were complimentary of the decision to give out the emergency funds.

“This is Shinseki’s first true test under fire and it looks like he got the money into veterans’ hands and that is the most important thing,” said Paul Sullivan, executive director of Veterans for Common Sense.

Sullivan, a frequent critic of the VA, said that many veterans he spoke to were impressed that Shinseki admitted there was a problem and acted quickly to fix it, but noted it was only necessary because the program fell so far behind in its paperwork.

“Now over the next few months can he sustain this and get the correct amount of money in the correct time?” Sullivan asked.

Veterans who are eligible can apply for emergency funds this weekend or apply online.

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You DO realize that most of us are talking public education, and you are talking college? Get a freakin' clue!
do you SERIOUSLY not hear what we are saying? Or are you just ignoring it? Yes, they are putting money into education, and NO it isn't getting to the KIDS!
And when did Bush cut his entire budget by 50% and spend it all in Iraq? What bodily orifice did you pull that crap out of?

Holy crap.
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