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No P3AT for a week.

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I bought my blued and black keltec about 2 months ago, and have been carrying it every day as my CCW in a fobus paddle holster.. Well the darn thing is already showing holster wear around the edges. So i found a guy in town that will put a matte nickel finish on the slide for me. He is only charging me 30 dollars. he also does the mag tubes in a high polish nickel for 10 dollars a piece. I had him do just my slide for now. i just didn't want a shinny, bright hard chrome finish. I will post pics of the finished product. And just so you know guys, he siad he wouldn't nickel plate a C9.
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That seems like a really good deal. I for one would like to see pics (which is mostly why I'm writing: so I can keep tabs on this thread). I like those matte finishes for concealed carry. It's not a 'nickel plated sissy pistol' but if you have to draw down on someone they can see for sure it's a gun you're holding. Black gun in low light, not so much.

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