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No P3AT for a week.

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I bought my blued and black keltec about 2 months ago, and have been carrying it every day as my CCW in a fobus paddle holster.. Well the darn thing is already showing holster wear around the edges. So i found a guy in town that will put a matte nickel finish on the slide for me. He is only charging me 30 dollars. he also does the mag tubes in a high polish nickel for 10 dollars a piece. I had him do just my slide for now. i just didn't want a shinny, bright hard chrome finish. I will post pics of the finished product. And just so you know guys, he siad he wouldn't nickel plate a C9.
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Shoot man, my P3AT looks like crap. About half the finish is gone and what's left looks like garbage, but it still shoots. I'm not concerned about how it looks as long as it works!
Even without the finish mine hasn't ever rusted, and it stays in my waistband covered in sweat for about 14 hours a day. Since it hasn't rusted yet I haven't even oiled it in over a month and still no rust at all. My P345 on the other hand, I have to oil it every time I carry it or it'll rust.
ooooo Shiny!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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