No PayPal For Me

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    I never bought anything using them except some old USAC Midget racing memorabilia. I just cancelled my account.

  3. Am I correct that they are concerned with out of country accounts or did I misread it? THis could really suck.
  4. I don't use PayPal enough to really worrry about it. I think I have sent less than $400.00 on an unverified account to various people on the forum for stuff that I've purchased from them. That's pretty wild though...

    Funny thing I did notice in the article is that the presiding court that ordered the informatin is the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Give it up to the Commies of Kalifornia!
  5. I have used Paypal a lot over the years for my coin dealings on ebay. This may change things for me.
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    I've always learned that if you use a 3rd party financial system, EXPECT your info to be regulated. Just common sense. It's something I've come to expect.

    But, this is why I use Visa. They make their buisness on secure transactions, and unlike PayPal, they've been around the block long enough to dictate their policies, and it's easier to read up on their fine print than PayPal; Alot more clear on their standards.

    Either way, it simply depends on what level of availability you can stand with your money, since if it's electronic, there will ALWAYS be eyes on it other than yours.

    Way of the 21st century. The key is to have proper accounts for different situations. Just like having several email addresses: One for close friends and family, one for work, one for spam (online subscriptions, myspace and facebook fodder, etc), and one for financial transactions.
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    Am I missing something here? What I see is a letter from PayPal to a specific account holders informing them that their account information will be given to the IRS per a court order. They aren't handing over every bodies information, just those identified in the court order. BTW if your bank received a court order to turn over account information, they would have to comply as well. This seems like a non story to me.

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    Companies such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express have all had summons from the IRS and handed over account information. whats the difference w/ Paypal?