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    Let me start by saying that I have not given up on my 995; not by any means. Nor am I trying to in any way slander anyone on this forum. This is one of the friendliest and most helpful forums I have ever been a part of. All the members are great, have a sense of humor, and seem fairly active about posting.

    That out of the way, here we go.

    I have owned my 995 for about a month now. I've put almost 400 rounds through it already on 2 outings. My first outing was not very fun. The gun was accurate. But I had FTE's 10% of the time; 20 times through 200 rounds. I took it back to dunhams and they noticed a bent firing pin. Ok, a little error, no problem. HP got it back to me in a little over a week with 2 free mags. Cool.

    I took it out 2 weeks ago and the problem had improved; but wasn't fixed. I had 4 jams in 100 rounds. Still no good. This time it looked like the gun was trying to load 2 rounds at the same time. And yes, I slapped, banged, yelled at, and pleaded with the loaded mags before I put them in the gun.

    So now I have the mags loaded and sitting. Its been about a week now. I thought that maybe the springs were too new and forcing too many rounds into the chamber. If when I take it out this week the gun still jams it's back to HP with it!

    I've heard a lot of people complain about FTF's and FTE's on this forum. Much like myself a few members have had the same problems after getting the gun back from HP. Most of the answers to the problem from other posters is to either:
    A- send it to HP again.
    B- do some sort of buffing or adjust the feed lips or something.

    Here's my issue and reason for starting this topic (if you're even still reading): Why is everyone ok with this? Maybe it's just me but I don't think a brand new gun should need any owner tweaking in order for it to shoot properly. And needing to send a gun back more than once (once is too many anyways IMO) to get it working? Come on!

    As it stands right now, if the gun jams this next time and I have to send it back, I would not recommend a HP to an interested buyer. I'm going to stick with mine though. Worse comes to worse I keep sending it back to HP and the sell it with 10 mags included.

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    Well I don't have experience with a problematic 995. Every manufacturer puts out a lemon every once in a while. The veteran posters around here probably have do it yourself tips that would be a lot more helpful, but if it kept happening to me I'd send it in one more time, then turn around and sell it.
    I'd keep all the extra mags and buy a new one and start from scratch.

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    I know every product has its share of lemons. I work for "major home improvement retailer" and we see our share of stuff come back. I guess I'm just a little "troubled" to see quite a few posts about it.

    My biggest issue is the DIY fix it method and how widely recommended it is. To me that would be like saying it's normal to buy a new car, then fix the gear ratios yourself. I'm not afraid to do a little engineering. But on a brand new gun I don't feel I should need to.

    Thanks for the reply Dave. I might end up selling it if I can't get it working. Especially if I have to start paying for shipping and whatnot.I really like how it shoots though so hopefully HP can get it right.

    Ps, I love the homer-esq theme you've got going on.funny stuff
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    I'm pretty much with you on that.
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    ^ I def. agree, a new gun should not need a list of things done to it b4 it performs properly. Honestly you may have just received a "lemon". I couldn't agree more with what was already stated, get a bunch of free mags, and then just sell it, and start from scratch with a new one.
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    One problem with a forum such as this, in broad generalizations, two types of people will seek it out.

    A. Those that love their Hi-Point so much they want to learn all they can about them and "hang out" with other owners.

    B. Those that are having problems with their Hi-Point and are looking to rant or for answers to their problems.

    That being said IMO it is unfair to draw any conclusions as to why so many 995 owners post problems with FTE...etc. I know I saw some numbers from Hi-Point regarding the percentage of returns and it seemed very low. I would be interested in comparing those to other manufacturers.

    It does suck to buy a new toy and not have it work, and paying for shipping to have it fixed only makes it worse. I hope Hi-Point makes it right by you. I have had my 995 for over 9 years and have put well over 2k rounds through it without any problems.

    Good Luck
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    I know you're frustrated, I would be too if my carbine did the same to me. But you have to understand what you've purchased and sometimes tweaking is necessary. That is just the way it is. Compare the cost to closest equivalent carbine and you'll get a better idea what I'm saying. I am not saying its okay to buy a defective weapon, either.
    Hi point has the best customer service bar none. Did you call them and explain in detail what has happened. They may have you try a different brand of ammo, if you haven't done that yet. They may have you send it back to them one more time. Either way, Hi-point will insure you have a properly firing weapon even if they have to replace it. You will not match Hi-points customer service with any other firearm. I sincerely hope you get the issue resolved. Once it starts firing to your liking you'll go broke buying ammo. It is that fun to own.
    And yes, for the price I paid (which is not as good as Dunham's price) I am just fine doing the necessary tweaks.
  8. Sorry to hear about your problem.
    I have to ask you one question though.
    Are you slapping the mags into the magazine well? This is standard practice to push the mag in & then give it a rap with the palm of your hand.
    I found out right away that I shouldn't do this with my 995. It pushed the mag in just far enough to cause the 1st round to move in the magazine because it hit the firing pin(which is also used for ejection). This will cause a FTFeed most of the time on the 1st round.
    This could also cause your second problem of the bent firing pin causing FTEject.

    Just try pushing the magazines in all the way & not smacking it in with your palm.
    You could test this out but I don't want you to bend your firing pin by finding out for yourself.

    I would really like to know if this solves your problem so please post on the board after trying this.
  9. Hi Jbos, really sorry to hear of the problems, that is very unusual for the carbines.

    Taking into account that some of the weapons, when new, have to be broken in, I would not be discouraged by a failure of 4 jams out of 100 rds, but still I do understand your frustration when you hear of others shooting thousands of rounds with no probems.

    Since you are having more than one round trying to load in at once, my first thought would be that the mags are the culprit.

    Anybody else think of anything?

    If nothing else, you could sell the carbine here and get another one and hopefully have better luck. Some people here live to tinker with these things :)

    And just to hopefully make you feel a little better, I know people online with 600 dollar Saiga shotguns that have to do a little tweaking to get them to shoot at their potential.

    Sometimes life just isnt fair. :|
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    I appreciate all the input.

    Capt. Cook, I didn't mean to imply that I'm smacking the mags when they're in the gun. I just give them a little love tap after I've loaded them up and befor I load them in. I thought I remembered seeing someone here post that that helps make sure the bullets are seated correctly.

    All the mags are factory except for 1 MKS. I marked the mks one and it isn't performing any better or worse than the HP ones.

    What can I do to the mags to improve them?
  11. AFAIK the MKS one is a Hi Point mag as they are a distributor for Hi Point.

    I hope someone jumps in here because I am not the best at troubleshooting mags, but basically if the lips are a little too close or too far from each other it will cause the round to feed too high or too low to the feed ramp, causing jams.

    Since you have such a low percentage of jams right now, but the jams you are having are double feeds, I would think that one of your mags is causing the trouble.

    I would shoot using just one mag and see how it does. If you can shoot 40 or 50 rds through it, go to the next one and so on until hopefully you find the mag that starts causes jams.

    Good luck and please keep us posted on what you find.
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    That is strange. I have fired at least 800 rounds through my 995 and have had very few FTF issues. The ones I did have trouble with turned out to be the ammo not the gun (cheap Silver Bear stuff I think). What kind of ammo are you using? I usually use the bulk Winchester White Box or Remington UMC with great results.
  13. if you live in so Cal. i will be happy to take it of your hand with 90% of your cost. been wanting a 995 for a while, can't find a cal legal around...
    i understand your frustration, i when through similar problem with S&W. it does leave a bad feeling of the brand. at least you did't pay over half thousand for a lemon. and have a company willing to work on its gun or replace it.
  14. I only had a handful of FTF issues with my c9. I had a few feed issues with my JHP .45 and figured out it everything to do with my grip, not the gun. I NEVER had any feed issues with the CF380.

    That being said, I don't like buying anythigg NIB and it not working the first time, but guns aren't the only thing I buy NIB and have to do some tweaking on to get it to perform properly. You have to take the bad with the good I suppose.
  15. Every one will post about negatives but rarely mention the positives. People just expect things to work and when they do, " It does what it is supposed to". When it doesn't work properly or as good as expected at first they feel betrayed and cheated. Maybe it is the way we think that is really blemished.
    I hope they get everything worked out for you. It is not fun saving to buy something and then having problems with it. Normally the more you wanted it the worse it feels!! I had this problem with my first two xbox 360's I bought and my new third purchased xbox 360 elite froze up tonight. This time I have a warranty so If it pukes, I get a nice new one!
  16. JB,

    Couple suggestions....

    Try another brand of ammo, this is one of the main causes for jams in magazine fed semi-auto guns regardless of what company name is on the firearm. I had a H&K-93 (worth about $2k plus now days) that refused to function with commercial Winchester FMJ ammo, but worked flawlessly with Remington or Surplus stuff.

    If changing ammo brand/type does not help then take a close look at the mag feed lips, you may need to use a pair of needle nose pliers and adjust the feed lips in or out a little at a time till your problem is fixed.

    Last.. Some guns require more time than others to settle in, yes it happens to guns that cost many times more than the 995 too.

    About the only tweaking I have done to my C9 and 995 has been with the mags, in my opinion the mags are the weak part of the whole brand, especially in the 9mm chambered guns. Single stack 9mm mags have always caused issues in guns since the caliber was invented back in the early 1900's. Straight wall rimless cases perform much better in single stack mags, sadly the 9mm has a tapered case and as long as its used in single stack mags there will always be issues. Even Karh had to make some design changes to their single stack 9mm mags so their guns would feed more reliably.

    For your "double feeding" issue, this definitely fits the description of mag feed lips being a bit too wide. A lot of times during ejection of a spent case the top round in the mag will jump out because the feeds lips are not holding it in tight enough, then as the bolt travels forward it tries to strip a new round from the mag. What you end up with is what appears as a double feed, aka two rounds in the action instead of one. Mark your mags prior to the next shoot, then see if the problem is isolated to a single mag or two, this will help identify the bad mag(s) so you can either correct them yourself or send them in for replacement.
  17. When my mags were new I had a couple feeding issues. I loaded all my magazines and left them loaded for a couple weeks.That fixed my feeding issues right up.
    On another note I agree with you that most people would be fed up if they bought a new gun and is was bad pretty much out of the box. Especially if they sent it in to the manufacturer and was still having issues.
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    While I wish you were not having problems with it, It is obvious you are. What is the ammo you are using? Have you tried another brand? I also am in complete agreement about it being new and should not need tweaking by the owner to work properly. I however did tweak one of my mags due to the WWB was causing the lips to spread when loaded with 8. It took some extreme force to even get the 8th rnd in it to let it set. I let it set for 4 weeks. Of course I had another mag as well. So like I said I had to tweak that mag, after it sat for 4 weeks it was constant FTF many many times it would feed what appeared to be 2 at a time. I closed the lips on the mag up a little and cured that. Then it was constant FTE. Finally it quit that on its own. The screwed up part is that particular mag even after 4 weeks it still will only work with 7 wwb rounds in it. Which still makes me mad. But I switched to another brand of ammo and it will hold 8rnds. I also took the mag apart and tied off the very last step of the spring trying to get it to hold 8 rnds wwb. No luck. That is the only brand that ammo I have problems with. So if that is what you are using try a different brand atleast through the 500 round break in period.
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    Thanks to everyone for all your helpful responses.

    To answer some repeat questions I've received:

    1) I've used WWB, Remmington..uhh...SMC?, and another type of remmington. Had the same problems with all the types of ammo I've tried.
    2) I have had the mags loaded up for almost 3 weeks now. (I don't get out too often to shoot.) I was planning on unloading those by hand, dropping a little bit of oil in to lube up the springs, and then reload the mags and fire. I will mark them though to be sure which one (hopefully 1!) is causing the "double feed." I don't mind adjusting it a little it if solves my problem.

    If after all this the gun still malfunctions I will either send it to HP or sell it here to one of you gun nuts. Sorry Oldnoob, I'm in Michigan! Wish I could help.

    Again, thank you all very much. I look forward to being a satisfied and enthusiastic HP owner.
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    Damn too bad you are so far from Tn if you decide to sell. One thing I think I would have been pis*ed when basically right out the box the firing pin was bent.