****No to HR 1022, "Assault Weapons Ban" Petition*

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  1. Done and Done. Thanks Taurus :D

  2. Ya know, by looking in order here of how we sign the petition, we can each see the others sig and what they have to say. Pretty neat :D this is of course assuming that nobody else is signing from someplace else in between, but right now, there's only one sig above my own ;)
  3. I thought that this bill HR1022 never left committee last year. And that it just kind of faded away.
  4. It could be locked in committee for now, but it could end up coming back at any time. It was never totally shut down from what I understand.
  5. AndrewST

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    I honestly thought it was proceeding, I didn't even know it was halted in any fashion. Either way if this one is defeated, another will come along. Thus the never ending battle for our freedoms continues.
  6. Done and signed. I agree we need to stay on top of this type of thing. Being a member of the NRA and other gun rights organizations is incredibly important and taking action when asked to do so is even more important.

    Vote number 42,854.
  7. Hmm, their goal is 1,000,000 signatures, but they are only now nearing 43,000. Let's see if we can crank that number up a bit guys and get the word out :D
  8. freedom

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    Signed and will post at BersaTalk forum and at MissouriCarry forum.