Non firearm self defence weapon?

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  1. Kyu

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    So this question stems from a discussion I had with some of my martial arts buddies. In my state it it illegal to carry a weapon period. The question is what (legal) weapon(s) do you carry for self defence?

    Personally, I carry a tactical baton as well as a knife. My goto weapon is the baton as knife fights get ugly. Often you can be cut and not even know it (don't ask me how I know that one) until much later (and that goes for a deep stab wound too). However, after 21 years doing karate, I feel very comfortable with the strikes, locks and throws needed to use a tactical baton well (yes, it is more than swinging it like a club), but I have trained enough in knife fighting to feel comfortable with my backup.

    So, just wondering what other carry as a not firearm alternative/backup weapon and how much they train with it?

  2. neothespian

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    Well, when I was sure that I'd be going back to Phoenix and driving a cab while getting back into the industry down there, I had purchased a Tazer C2 after doing all the research. It has the best numbers for the punch it produces and has the option of being used as either a ranged weapon or a contact weapon.

    But, if you are prohibited from carrying even that, I suggest the Uber flashlight I posted before. 4,100 Lumens, able to light paper on fire from about 10 to 15 feet away and looks just like a standard flashlight. About the coolest things I had seen! One flash from that and I don't care who you are and what you're on, you're blind.

    Myself? I rarely conceal-carry anymore. As a Buddhist I was raised from a little kid that the best weapon is your mind, and being raised by a Liberal military woman I was also told that when you have a brain, a camera and confidence you can compensate to just about anything that may come your way.

  3. Kyu

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    I agree. Your best weapon is your brain and using it to keep you outta the bad situations. The next best weapon is a good set of running shoes to turn tail and get the hell outta there!
  4. Ari

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    Once you have been around the forum for a while you will see we are crazy for knives and flashlights. I have had a knife in my pocket since I was 7 years old. I always have a knife on me. But when I am not working there is always a pistol on me.
  5. a flashlight that can light paper at ten feet? thats something i would like to see....
  6. neothespian

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    ALWAYS have my Gerber "Suspension" multi-tool and my 2 "AA" mini-maglite at all times on me :D I even threaten to take my stagehands off the shift when they don't have their multi-tools and flashlight.

    Yes, I'm that serious about it. Then again, I work in a very dark world (litteraly!) with very dangerous equipment.
  7. `Justin

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    I agree, the best weapon is your brain, knowing where to hit and where not to is the best defense when no other weapons are present.
  8. rrjenn

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    I never go anywhere without this blade. It will cut through just about anything with ease. 6 inch blade with a 7 inch handle. End of the handle is hard and pointed enough to also be an effective weapon. Centrifical force will open the blade with a sharp flick of the wrist. 13 inches between me and the BG makes me feel safer. As always it is better to run away from a threat if possible, but that isn't always possible so I almost always have my Black Widow in an ankle holster too


    Of course I can't forget the one million volt stun gun. That thing will make you forget where you are or how you got there


    But you know I've never had to use any of them in a violent defensive manner and hope I never do.