Non Lethal Ammunition

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    Does anyone have any idea where I can find ballistic test for non lethal ammunition? Like the stuff @
    Or, does anyone have any 1st hand knowledge of performance of this type ammunition? Thanks.
  2. Technically speaking, it's "less-lethal", not "non-lethal". It can still kill, it's just not as likely.

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    Yep, can still kill if it hits in pressure points, temple, pretty much anywhere in the face, base of the spin, chest (making heart beats irregular) all that fun stuff.

    We usually load our shotguns at work with 5 live round buckshots, and on our "reload bag" we have 5 less-lethals and 5 slugs.

    But, I'm not sure where to find less-lethal small calibers.
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    I stand corrected, in my haste it should have read "less than lethal". However, I posted this same thing on another web site and got what appeared to be less than a friendly reply, BUT it could have just been the way I read it, so I will only thank the individual for all the good info he did post. Here however is my clarification post to his answers:

    I guess what I am looking for is some 1st hand practical experience. Basically what were actual shooters opinions of the performance at varied distances. Did anyone know of any web sites which had ballistic gel penetration test data, etc. From what I have read, with todays "lawyer ridden" court system, person(s) who loaded the 1st round with less than lethal ammunition showed a greater intent of doing less lethal harm. When the bad guy kept coming, the subsequent rounds did what they were intended to do, but a jury in some cases leaned faster toward the civilian who was forced to defend themselves quicker, because the 1st round had been a less than lethal round. I have my CCW and understand the legality to the best of my non-lawyer abilities. I would just like to know of anyone elses experiences, since these rounds are very expensive and extensive testing for my own knowledge base is out of my present budget.