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  1. Anyone have any experience with Norinco 1911s? I have a 1911 on my tax money wish list. I can get one in a local FTF deal for $500. It has been shot verylittle and is in the original box with all acc. I just wounderd if they were a quality 1911? I can get a Springfield 1911 GI milspec for $469 plus taxes. What do you guys think would be a better gun? Here is the Norinco in question
  2. If it were me I'd buy the Springfield. Although my opinion is biased because I love mine !!


  3. Darn you I have been eyeing the OD green springfield. Now you show me that gun porn :shock: The only thing is im a evil black gun fan. I don't know if I would get tired of the OD green. But I have been drooling over them at the gun shop.
  4. Something wrong about buying a 1911 made in China....
  5. Norincos are fine, nothing wrong with them. With that said, I believe the Rock Island to be a better choice. and with THAT said, if you're eyeballin the springfield, GO WITH THE SPRINGFIELD! Now, more gun porn, my springfield...

  6. If you're interested, get them from this guy, buy far the best. Before I bought I read ALOT of reviews, his are the ones I got, in Prairie Rattler (lighter colored) and have held up very well. I shoot IDPA with those grips on and get compliment after compliment and they perform soo well.

    Edit: oops, forgot the link. Dog Grips is the maker. He's a great guy to deal with.
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    Taurus - What model Springfield is yours. Yours looks like a Springfield loaded or something better than a loaded.
  8. I think you guys are right. I will prob go with a springfield or a Rock Island. There is also a local place that sells Double Star 1911s that are US made in Kentucky im going to check out. That guy withdrew his norinco anyway so the decision was easy :) On another note I never realized Taurus that those were real snake skin
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    Springfield or RIA I have not made my mind up but it will be one of the two...
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    Get a Taurus, or at least a Charles Daly...
  11. Mine is a Loaded Full Size Parkerized model. Took some looking to find out what it was, but a call to springfield solved all that. I love that gun, and would pin it against nearly anything out there that isn't from a (real) custom shop. Honestly I wouldn't have cared if it was the GI model for what I paid for it new. Anyone, other then Primal, remember what that magic number is? Yes I'm gloating again...

    When it comes down to it, I would buy any Springfield 1911 over any other 1911 out there under 1G. When you start talking about Wilson Combat, 10-8 (built on springfields), NightHawk, and so on you are talking more art form then engineering. Check out this Springfield OD Mil Spec on GB:
    The picture they have is crap, but it is a niiice gun.

    Or how about a nice GI Model? You can have one here under $500

    Thing is Springfield makes such a wide variaty of 1911s that nearly anyone looking at a 500ish and up budget can have one, and even that rich SOB down the road that has the safe full of safe queens can have is beautiful performer at almost 2.5K in the form of the TRP Pro Loaded

    And yes, those are real snake skin grips, and the level of grip is amazing with them, second only to rubber.
  12. Norincos have some of the strongest steel ever used on a 1911.

    Some guys make them into race guns because the steel is so good on them.