Norinco Chinese SKS 7.62x39 - my first!

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  1. Well I did it. I puchased/traded up a Chinese SKS on Thursday. I was debating on either getting the SKS or waiting and getting a 995. I finally decided to get the SKS first.

    I got the SKS and will get the 995 come the economic stimulus check in June or my increment check I get in August.

    I ended up with is a Norinco Chinese SKS (all matching serial numbers) with a Ram-Line non folding stock and 30 round mag, original wood stock, original 10 round magazine, cleaning rod, cleaning kit and ammo pouch with 51 rounds of ammo and 7 stripper clips.

    The only additional accessory that I am waiting on is a synthetic folding stock that a guy is sending me for just the cost of shipping, he went to a ATI stock for his SKS.

    Later on I will get the compressor for it, a bi-pod that fits the bayonet lug, a scope mount along with a red dot scope and a 3 rail system that fits the barrel under the gas tube for the light, laser and hand grip.

    Now when I get the 995, I want to sort of deck it out as much as I can like the SKS. I just hope that Hi-Point comes out with the new stock that I have seen pictured on here soon.
  2. Congrats on your purchase, did the previous owner do the necessary changes to the rifle to make it legal to use a Hi Cap mag as far as the 922r laws go?

  3. Thanks! This is my first SKS, never owned any other type of old military like rifles except for a couple of Mod 98k Mausers and a 303 British.

    Well to tell the truth I don't know. I have read the 922r and still can't make heads or tails out of it.

    The rifle has no bayonet is about all I can say about whats been done.

    What should I look for in the changes your speaking of??
  4. Congratulations! I too bought an SKS a little while back. Can't wait to fire mine. Still have another SKS on my list to bubba up as my Yugo is too nice to change at all IMO.

    Any pics or yours? I'd like to see it with all the goodies installed. :)
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    I've really enjoyed my Norinco SKS. I do need to replace as much of it with American made parts, and not just because of the various laws. This SKS will be my WAEF (When All Else Fails) rifle and I need it to be super-reliable.
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    Nice going, Mine well Its ready to be Bubbaized, But other things come first and besides, The thing works just fine any way.
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    If you want to sell that Norinco stock for a decent price, let me know.
  8. I hope youlike your SKS as much as I do. It is a fun gun to shot!
  9. Congrats on the SKS!

    I am not a big fan of the 30rd duckbill mags or scoping the rifle either, but to each his own. I do recommend replacing the factory firing pin with the US made firing pin/spring kit. This $35-$40 upgrade will virtually eliminate any chance of slam fires due to the factory firing pin becoming gunked up and stuck with the tip protruding out the bolt face.

    My current SKS's are Romanians, one in original wood stock the other in an ATI. I prefer the factory 10rd fixed mags loading via stripper clips, be amazed at how much faster you can load with the strippers than you can change out that darn duckbill contraption of a mag.
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    I have an older norinco (about 92 or 93 i think) that my dad gave me. I put in a chaote drag stock as the original was cracked.

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    I bought mine in 92 for $99 plus 1250 rds and ammo case for $99. I shot all but 50 rds and then sold it in 2001 for $350.The buyer just had to have it, the spike bayonet kept calling out to!
  12. I will keep you in mind if I decide to get rid of the stock.

    I have thought about putting it back in the wood stock, but I like the synthetic stock also. Maybe I need another in wood and one in the synthetic and all decked out. :)
  13. It can be confusing, to be honest. Here is a site that will hopefully help you decide if your gun is legal. It is specifically for SKS rifles.
  14. Thanks waltham41 for the link.

    Here is a picture...not the best since I took it with my cellphone.


    I will try and get a better picture with my other digital camera and without so much clutter around it.
  15. Okay I know this is over 120 days since there was a reply, but for a while the site was down and I got real busy with my SKS. :devilsidesmile:

    Well I finally got my Tapco T6 stock to go on my Norinco Chinese SKS.

    I have added a different receiver cover that has 3 picatanny rails with a red/green dot scope, tactical flashlight, and a laser. I have a muzzle brake on the front and have ground down the bayonet lug.

    I did the bolt modifications to allow for loading and unloading the magazine without having to have the bolt open. I also did the modification to allow the mag to be inserted with all 20 rounds in the mag.

    The only other thing I want to do is put a Harris bi-pod on the stock.


    Here is a closer look.


    Haven't posted much about the SKS so I thought I would update a little after going to the shooting range the first time.

    The first time out was trying to get the red/green dot scope zero'd and then the laser. Well first off I found out that firing the rifle would cause the screws to work loose from the vibration. So that day turned into a no zero day. Did shoot the open sites...OH YEA! Right on target.

    Took the rifle home and decided to put some LocTite on the screws that holds the picatiny rails to the receiver cover. That took care of the screws backing out.

    Took the SKS back to the range about 2 weeks or so before buck season here in WV...NOT HUNTING DEER WITH THIS RIFLE, JUST VARMITS...was able to get the red/green dot scope set. Groups...well lets just say 8 inch or 10 inch circle was pretty much peppered. Still need to really check out grouping when I have time. I was basically playing around...thank God for cheap ammo right now.

    I am really thinking of putting a 3-9x40 scope on it along with the shell deflector. The red/green dot has no magnification. The laser is another story. It is cheap with no adjustment screws. Looks like you get what you pay for. May get a better quality laser site for it.

    But for right now I like it. Once I get things lined out on her, look out ground hogs!!

    Now I have the original wood stock, a non-folding Ramline and a folding Ramline stock to get rid of along with the original 10 round non-detachable magazine, original cleaning kit that goes in the butt plate of the wood stock and the cleaning rod that came with it and several stripper clips. I don't plan on making the SKS original since I mod'ed the bolt and ground off the bayonet lug.
  16. elguapo, PM sent right back at you bud.
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    Do not sell your original parts.
    With any luck you will see the light and realize the SKS was never meant to be an evil black gun. If not, someday you may want to sell it, and it will be worth more with all of the original bits.

    It's not like you are going to get a ton of cash for the stock, nor does it take up an space.
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    Nice to see the update, the harris bipod is the way to go, all others are disappointing, believe me, I went down that road and the shell deflector is a pain, I used a NC Star short scope on mine with the exact same setup as yours and found I didn't need the deflector at all. As far as reddot's go, on this and any larger caliber gun, you have to invest in a much better quality version, as you found out. I relegated the use of my 30mm BSA to my son's Mossberg 702 .22. Tasco has a great 42mm red/green dot that wally world sells for around $40 that works great.

    keep us posted
  19. Thanks kripp for the info. I found a rubber coated scope that is sort of a short scope that I like and I figured with the rubber coating that would help protect it some.

    So you don't like the shell deflector? The one I was looking at is on that goes under the side where the pictanny rail bolts on. Is that what you had? I know there is one that goes under the rear site...don't like the looks of that one or how it goes on.

    Will keep you guys posted.