Normal to have to tap magazine after pulling back charging handle?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Nutrend, Jul 31, 2020.

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    2 things. Smack the back of the loaded mag on your helmet....I mean, a table or something.
    And the biggest thing....go shoot it. There’s NOTHING to be solved, until you’ve shot a few mags full and seen what’s really going on.

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    You don't know how to load the mags. Push down on the rear of the round to get it nose up .
    Stop cycling live ammo!! The firing pin can set a live round off! Keep your body parts away from the ejection port. Take it out and shoot it. Quit playing around with it. Don't ride the bolt forward. Most newbies short stroke the carbines.
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    Like everyone said, trial and error, if you have to pull mag down it probably riding to high, then i would file a little off the detente on magazine that catches the latch inside mag well, a little sanding here and there lube etc. I've even removed hairbrained safety components for smoother operation
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    As a newb Carbine Owner, I will add my $0.02 as to what works for me. Found that when inserting the mag I need to give it a little more push (or I guess you could SLAP it in) until I hear a CLICK. Then it is seated and when I pull back and release the charging handle, I feel a little wiggle in the magwell that indicates the round has chambered. The first few times I fired my brand new carbine, if I didn't feel that POSITIVE click on inserting the mag, there would be feed issues. Since I made sure of that positive click and felt the little "wiggle" when charging, I have had ZERO failures to chamber or feed through about 250 rounds using 3 different magazines. Also followed the advice given here and elsewhere on the forum to:

    - Pay attention to mag loading. Tap against the hand or surface, make sure top round is nose up.
    - aggressively pull back the charging handle and
    - NOT to ride the charging handle back letting it slingshot itself.

    Works for me.. Your Mileage May Vary..

    Edit: Most of the time the mag is being inserted with an open bolt (locked back after shooting previous mag) but I am pretty sure at least SOME were charged from a closed bolt as I have sometime released it with no magazine in when I put it away after the range trip to prevent dust and crap from getting in.
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    Don't futZ with the damned thing until you actually go out and shoot it.
    I have never had to tweek a mag in any Hi-Point I've owned. There is exceptions where the feed lips have to be adjusted. Doing things that can't be reversed in a shade tree way is not a good idea.

    So what did you disconnect on your Hi-Point? Mag safety?
  6. SWAGA

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    Do not do anything without shooting the gun first.
    We’ve had waaaay to many here that assumed issues and started fixin’ with the help of Youtube and ended up having to send their “junk gun” back to HP.....after they effed it up.
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    Wher's your grinder emogee?
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    YouTube experts say to polish the feedramp before you shoot it the first time

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    I am back. I went to the range and put 100+ rounds through the gun. Used a 20 round Redball mag and 2 standard Hi-Point 10 round magazines. On my first shot with the 20 round Redball mag I got a jam. I had better luck afterward with feeding magazines using the bolt hold open.

    This problem happens with all 3 magazines, and even if I put one less round in the magazine. It happens with hollow points and FMJ range ammo.

    I still am having issues with the charging handle sticking in the open position after I pull it back and let go. The bullet seems to be angled nose-down in the chamber. If I push the charging handle forward or if I jiggle the magazine (push it up or pull it down) the bolt eventually snaps closed. But this happens like 80% of the time. Wondering if this is a problem worth sending the gun back to Hi-Point for?

    My impression is that proper operation should be insert magazine, pull the charging handle back and let go and it snaps shut. Gun is ready to shoot.

    IMG-2607.jpg IMG-2608.jpg
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    That looks more like a magazine problem then a gun problem.
    The mags have always been the likely source of trouble with HP’s.
    Also make sure your firing pin is not bent. With a jam or double feed the pin can get bent as it sits fully exposed with the slide all the way back.
    Smarter folks then me will come by and tell how to adjust the mag.
    Meantime call HP and get a spare firing pin and springs for free.
    Ask nicely though.
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    Thanks SWAGA. Though odd that the problem seems to happen with all 3 magazines? I will call up HP.
  12. SWAGA

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    Can you post a picture of the top of all three loaded mags?
    From the side and from above?
    We may be able to tell what’s going on
  13. Nutrend

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    Yes, I'll go take some pics now and report back. Thanks.
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  15. Nutrend

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    IMG-2624.jpg IMG-2617.jpg Firing pin looks straight to me
  16. SWAGA

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    Great pics, that should be very helpful.

    Now this one I can tell:

    The round is sitting too horizontal it should be angle up a little more.
    Your problem is actually common with HP.
    Different gun but same idea:
  17. Nutrend

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    Thanks. I did try to put them in nose up. I use the HP speedloader which pushes down on the tail of the bullet. I'm pretty sure I am getting them nose up as possible.
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    This one see how the round is sitting lower in the mag on the left?
    It sits too deep and will be pushed against the feedramp.
    The one on the right looks better but should probably be angled up a little

    Looks like you have different issues with the different mags all leading to the same result.
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    The feedlips need to be adjusted to get the round sitting correctly in the mag. Not too low and angled correctly.

    The mag on top is correct and the one below is not:
  20. Nutrend

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    So do I have to push the lips apart more toward the front of the magazine (toward bullet tip) to correct it?