Nose dive into feed ramp....

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    I have seen many videos regarding this issue and I now have been having it mostly with my 40 cal and a rare occasion with my 380. I have polished the feed ramp but I continue to have the issue with my 40cal. Any other suggestions form anyone that can help me out?? Thank you in advance!!
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    Barely spread open up the feed lips on the front of the magazine to give it a slightly nose high(er) presentation to the ramp.

    Look at the spacer, a little black strip of plastic between the follower and the mag body, and make sure that it is trimmed down below the nose of the exposed round. If the front lip of the case catches on it, it can cause the round to go ass over tea kettle in to the ramp.

    And the most common advice is to slap the spine of the mag in the palm of your hand, or on your head if you're wearing a helmet, to fully seat the rounds to the rear of the magazine in an effort to help ensure proper alignment.

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    At one time, from a local remanufacturer, I got some .40" S&W loaded w/ 10mm round nose FMJ for a particularly troublesome PCC. That seemed to help a bit.
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    Is that the glue talking? I load 180gr .400" RNFP originally for my 4095 and now for my G20. They are one and the same. I've loaded everything from 155 gr up to the 200 gr. The really cool ones were the 180gr target hollow points from Berry's. They're longer but you have to load them to the max COL, or you'll get a compressed load with a possible KB.

    What we don't know is what type of bullet he's shooting. I've run RNFP, RN, THP and JHP in; lead, plated, FMJ, and a half box of Monarch TMJ that someone gave me.

    All shot/shoot perfectly fine after I tweaked the mags in the manner I described. We'll leave out the fact that my mag springs were all one turn too long and I had to clip them, because that's the worst advice ever to give unless you're at the last resort.
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    Welcome Ftblcoach ! ! !

    I saved a fellow member's post (sorry, don't remember who to credit). He sent his 4095 & mags back to HiPoint for an issue and the tech wrote the recommended feed lip measurements on the accompanying check sheet.

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    I did tweek the feed lips as well but one in every 3 or 4 full clips it still nose dives. I have used multiple types of ammo with the same results. I have heard of people replacing the mag spring with a better one and that is supposed to help?! Is that true??
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    Football at what level? I'm in a small high school, I handle line both sides of the ball, we do pretty well in our classification.;)

    So....I have never replaced the springs on my HP mags.

    These are some of my .40 cal mags, some came with a carbine, some with the pistols. I think the different followers and springs are due to date of manufacture, so they don't mean much. But every issue I have ever had with an HP mag has been solved by tweaking the mag lips, and nothing else.

    You might try using some emery cloth to smooth the inner edge of the lips, or just spread them a TINY bit more to clear up that "once in a while" failure to feed. "could" be that the rear lips are a titch too wide?


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    I will try spreading the lips tiny bit more and see if that helps..... thank you all for your comments and advice!!

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    This sounds like the 2 thumb method fix. After loading a round push the rear down to get it nose up. Slap in your palm to seat the round to the rear. I have a bunch of mags in all the flavors. Never had to futZ with them. That's a last resort. ;)
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    I am so glad my two hi point's and ALL the magazine's I bought for them ran flawlessly from day one so I didn't have to do any tweaking with the mags.