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  1. OK Friends,
    This may be the wrong forum, but I bet I get an answer. I have owned a couple pistols for several years, have purchased a HP pistol and carbine within the last few months, but just ordered and recieved my first "brand new" shotgun this week. I am a complete newbie on them. I followed the manual and did the cleaning, lubing, and assembly as directed. The gun came with this tool or gauge as pictured, with no explanation as to WTF it is for. Anyone care to tell me what it is for? It is marked "plus, 12ga, and 20ga" as it tapers down. The gun is a Winchester 12Ga. SXP.

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  2. SWAGA

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    That looks like it's a choke wrench.
    A choke is a slightly tapered insert for the barrel to tighten up the shot.
    They're screwed in

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  3. tallbump

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    Different from mine, but yeah, I'd say it's a choke tube
  4. moona11

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    No tall its a key for the chokes
  5. ArmyScout

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    As stated: it a tool to change the chokes.
  6. undeRGRound

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    Choke Wrench... ;)
  7. undeRGRound

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    mooona-zized :D
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    Well since the question has been answered already i will just sit back and watch
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    And a score and a win for the Swagz!!!
  10. OK, Thanks for the replies. It makes sense. The model I bought does not not have intechangable choke tubes. But I can see how the tool could be used. Knowledge is power! LOL
  11. tallbump

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    Yeah, that's what I idea why I put choke.:confused: I think I was going to put key or wrench after "tube"....and didn't
  12. Outlaw

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    Just stick the tool in the end of the barrel and it will fit the recesses of whatever chockes are in there and you can screw them out or in. Make sure you get them snug, but don't break the tool or strip out the recess in the process. I've seen it done. Then your off to the gunsmith.
    Fortunately I had a barrel set with my Miroku. Took 3 seconds to change to whatever ga. you wanted to shoot. I repainted the Abilene, TX. gun club way back when and the members chipped in and bought the set for me. $800. even back then. Must admit, the chokes are way cheaper. The barrels served me well on the AF Skeet Team though. Never a FTF. ;)
  13. Browning 9 Guy

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    Yep a choke wrench. If you ever lose it, a nickel and a dime can serve as 12 and 20 gauge wrenches, respectively.