Not only does she look dumb.

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  2. LMAO!!!! I never get sick of seeing that...holy jeez thats funny!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Grrrrr... where was my response to this...
  4. As a USAmerican who's never been to TheIraq and can read a map.
    Let me say this:
    Search is your friend...

    (BTW, what are you critics thinking? Given the chance, you're not going to talk to her, just avail yourself of playground priveleges... )

    I love the smell of (sexism) in the morning--Robert Duvall (almost)
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    I can't even watch that whole thing it is so bad. I just feel bad for her

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    Gee when was the last time any of YOU was asked a question on TV and was so at ease to come right out with the perfect answer. Leave the poor girl alone!! So she got flustered and answered something a little foolishly so what!! Hell look at the buffoons we got trying to be the next president. Some of their answers and quotes are as dumb if not dumber then hers and they've had YEARS of camera time
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    Oh, come on Shooter, NONE of the candidates have EVER said anything even close to that dumb. Hell Dan Quayle's potatoE comment wasn't that bad. It is not as is she was drug off the street and stuck in front of a camera for the first time. She has been involved with pageants for quite some time and even at a national level. She should not have been that flustered. I feel sorry for her, but deserves all she gets for that gem.
  8. She had also gone on the today show to defend herself. Ummmm. I wouldn't say she did a good job in my opinion. They would ask something and the awsners was like, Yes I was (question in answer form). Nervousness has a factor in some bad answer, but "don't have maps" is She did hit 4th place. I wonder how other answers were
  9. We don't "train" to do it, these girls do. No excuse should be made for her as she fell flat on her face and that's all there is too it.
  10. Flat on her face is actually a good position for her methinks... :twisted:
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    They STRIVE for this kind of exploitation!! They're not only encouraged, but actively seek how to eliminate any kind of value beyond anything that makes them pretty and marketable.

    Offer them a full ride to Brown University or a chance to exhibit any kind of work (be it industrial, economic or artistic) and all they'll care about is their Rhinestone iPhones and H3's bought for them.

    They "worked" hard for this. Call it their achievement.
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    I forget his name, is was a democratic presidential candidate for the Dems. in the 04' election, he went off just naming a bunch of states, then was like "wraaggghhhh!!!!"

    So yeah, they can get dumber.
  13. I believe you are referring to Howard Brush Dean III, famous American politician, former Presidential candidate and currently Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Well known for the 'Dean Scream' you so eloquently emulated above.

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    I agree with Neothespian. These poor girls are brought up in a plastic world where beauty is rewarded for its own sake. While appearance is necessary I think the female population would be better served if they had contest where looks, ability, and intelligence received praise.
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    Roger that.
  17. "... as such..."

    You're right, a lot of people live their lives thinking that they'll get by on their looks. And why do they think like that? Because society (school, church, family, friends, work, etc.) reinforces it with special treatment to "pretty" people... they get more attention, more opportunities, more things just given to them... rather than having to put the effort into working for it.
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    Well if you look at what she was trying to say it still does not answer the question.

    Question: Why can't 20% of Americans locate the US on a map?

    Answer 1: They don't have maps
    Answer 2: We need to use our education to help other less fortunate nations.

    I guess answer 1 covers it but answer two had nothing to do with anything.

    I would have gone on rambling about how our public education was merely a tool of social control and completely ruined by the corruption and bureaucracy of government.
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    What can I say that hasn't already been said, haha. Poor girl, probably was good PR for her personally though. It seems there was a debate about this on the old forum that got pretty heated.

    Public speaking ain't easy, and yes she should have been better, but oh well.

    As far as politicians go, I can think of two right off the top of my head who've said a few good things, how about one from each side...

    "I didn't have sexual realtions with that girl!
    Slick Willy


    "I don't know, I was asleep"
    Ronald Reagan