Not so cold 2nd attempt at Wynona Canyon w/friends...

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    Well, after I got home from work the other night, one of my girlfriend's employees text messages her with some exciting news. It seems that he was inspired by my girlfriend's webpage about her Mosin-Nagant and about some of my new builds that I'm undertaking (and yes...there WILL be more "Pimp my Rifle" news next week when the plating kits come in). This equated in him buying on an "impulse" a Saiga .223 with a folding ATI stock!

    The problem, he had NEVER owned a gun before. Scary isn't it?

    So, Mary-Ann recommended that he come over tomorrow so I could help him learn a bit more about his rifle, how to tear it down and perhaps fire it off. We were certain that we weren't going to get a chance to go shooting since it began to snow after we left a cast party an hour before, but we didn't want to deflate his excitement.

    Well, morning came and lo and behold, the weather was PERFECT! About 62 degrees, a very slight wind and clear skies. So, when he came over, I went over just what he had and he seemed excited to get to shooting.

    The weather at the Wynona Quarry was just as good, and although I did not get a chance to properly clean and service the SKS last night I packed all the Hi-Point pistols for a gun range sermon (my term for converting people to Hi-Points) and she packed the M44 to get some serious time in it.

    Now, I've talked smack about the .223 round before, not because of it's lack of power in comparison to other longarm rounds (but I have commented on it), but after firing the Saiga .223, I have to say I was DAMNED impressed!! Accurate, light and feels JUST like an AK!! And, I was even able to get the light gun with the light loads to bumpfire pretty decent after only one try. He was all about the modifications to get larger capacity mags, but I think I convinced him to hold off until he does PROPER research to see if it is needed for his application.

    This also gave Mary-Ann a chance to put about 60 rounds past the M44 before she knew when to quit while she was ahead since she had to work tomorow. She's turning into an AWESOME shot and she's genuinely enjoying the gun to boot! She wouldn't try the Saiga and still dislikes my pistols, but that's ok: She's a shooter who knows what she likes and I'm not going to force her until she's good and ready.

    It was also a great time to get Johnathan (the employee) and his buddy Nate a chance to fire off some Hi-Points. Nate was looking at buying a Springfield or a Glock, not to mention a bunch of other high market guns, and I asked "Well, have you fired a .40 yet?" And he said "No, but everyone says if you want to put a man down, it's the SMALLEST round they would recommend!" :roll: Well, I said that he should perhaps fire some rounds off on the .40 HP to see how he liked it. He's fired a 9mm before, and had experience with several brands in that caliber, so we had a good baseline.

    His response? :shock: .

    He was impressed by the durable and accurate nature of the C9, and while Johnathan had admitted that he had heard that Hi-Points were junk, he was open and excited to give them a try as well. The C9 functioned perfectly in both hands, but Johnathan had a few FTF on the .40. But he is a small guy with VERY little shooting experience, and once I showed him how to understand the mechanics of the gun and went over the science of it, the Firefighting majors were easily able to wrap their heads around it and took to the rest of the box of ammo like a fish to water. They were asking me where the nearest dealers were by the end of the day :D

    All said, I was VERY impressed by the Saiga and understand the appeal of these blasters. VERY well made and feels great! I'm just happy the weather is back to normal again, and expect more shooting adventures when each project is completed.

    Mary-Ann with the M44 and the "War Wagon"....hey it might be a tiny SUV but it's the perfect size for hauling guns. The back cargo area is JUST long enough for an SKS sized rifle.

    The employee Johnathan experiencing the C9.....and the American style safety on the rail that he couldn't seem to find :p

    Me with the Saiga .223. I was wondering why Mary-Ann wasn't on the other side of the gun taking pics, but then when I saw the image and she started giggling, I realized that while my girlfriend digs doesn't make for good gun forum pics with my ass dominating the shot :roll:

    Johnathan with Mary-Ann's M44. Note the stance of fear. It's his second shot, and he took the first one all sorts of casual with the comment "Well, if SHE can shoot it, it can't be that bad". Needless to say, NEVER mock your boss OR her gun, because both will kick your arse. He couldn't feel his fingers after the 5th round.
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    LMAO! That newbie got owned by that M44, and i thought 100 rounds through an sks sans a buttpad was numbing.

  3. Nice Mosin, before long I will be getting one. The saiga looks tempting, I think they make a 12 gauge, I cant remember but I want one in a shotgun caliber(cheaper on ammo).
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    Not only do they make a 12 gauge Saiga...but there IS a drum magazine! There are a few fanatics of the gun, and after firing it today, I'm quickly becoming interested in it. Funny how I didn't like the AR variants in .223, but it's REALLY growing on me.
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    Those pics just made me go fondle each and everyone of mine...

    Kudos to Neo for preaching what he knows!! Goodonya, brotha!!!!
  7. Neo, great post and good preachin' to those guys! Any new members to the Hi-Point family is good for us. The Saiga .223 IS a hellova rifle my friend, you won't regret buying one. Nice pics too dude... Also, is that a Pink Floyd hoodie your G/F is wearing? 8)
  8. I was a little leery of the Saigas until a friend of mine got one in 7.62x39 and I enjoyed shooting it so I ended up getting the Saiga 12 gauge shotgun and it was a match made in heaven. I am waiting on my 20 rd drum for it now :)

  9. Nice 8)