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    I tell people on XBL on my friends list I live in Alaska and I'm military. They always ask who did I piss off to get sent here? Don't they realize thousands of people pay thousands of dollars every year to come here to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt? While the military PAID ME to move here and live here for at least 4 years!! I have to tell them I wanted to come here!

    Seriously, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!??
  2. I thought the very same way when I was lucky enough to get stationed in Turkey back in '84.

    Ron M.

  3. I completely understand your POV... but I am of the mindset for: "who did I piss off to get here?" when it comes to me remembering Alaska.

    The people are friendly, the beer is awesome, the food is good...if not over emphasized on salmon. It's just a few things that I don't like: It's cold ALL THE DAMN TIME, it's snowy ALMOST ALL THE DAMN TIME, and EVERYTHING you do apparently will attract bears.

    I mean seriously: "Don't do this/that/whatever, you'll attract bears."

    I like being in an area where I can just live my life and not worry about wildlife killing me if I screw up. :p
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    Some people have the same reaction to me when I mention how I miss living in Brooklyn, and having to commute to Manhattan for work. It's simply a reaction from folks who only think of the bad parts of a region and how it gets the most press. I myself could not stand to live in Alaska, but for very specific reasons that make it appealing for others, namely the constant cold and the low populations. But, I can understand why many would gravitate towards Alaska, and in the summer I would LOVE to try one of those BMW Motorcycle treks that I hear about up there from my father. But, as the old adage goes: Nice place to visit, but...
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    If you live around Anchorage you'd be alright. There's almost 300,000 people in the area. There is everything you need and more. The summers here are awesome from what I hear. The highs are in the low 80s but the average is in the 60s-70s. Go further inland and it gets hotter but by the bay you're golden.
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    Can you see Russia from your house?
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    LOL no... maybe if I lived in Nome.
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    the wildlife can be dangerous anywhere if you dont pay attention to what youa re doing. deer and antelope kill about a dozen people in SD every year from car accidents, there has been 1-2 altercations with mt lions per year in teh past couple years, neumerous actions of coyotres and wolves, rattlesnakes, predatory birds etc etc. it isnt just alsaka, they just have bigger critters.

  9. There is a Cow Moose over by where I live on base that has a radio trasmitter collar on. She stomped the crap out of a dude's car and totalled it when he got between her and her calf trying to take pictures. I guess she turned a Toyota Carolla into a scrap heap that looked like it just came from the car crusher.
  10. I think i have to agree with NEO. I love Alaska and doubt i will ever leave. I could never live in a big city though. even anchorage is to big for me. oh well different strokes for different folks i guess.
  11. I'd die in Alaska. Plain and simple.
  12. Might have something to do with the fact that almost every military movie made since WWII has an officer yelling at a subordinate that unless what he wants to happen happens yesterday, he'll find himself thrown on a plane and manning a DEW radar installation in Alaska come morning. They are probably imagining you sitting in a freezing cold shack in the middle of nowhere, hunched over an old 1955 issued radar screen...
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    That's some scary shit man, for real. I thought I was going to be killed by a Red Tail Hawk once when I was a kid.
  14. Fuck that. Mockingbirds are vicious too! lol.

    Alabama has all kinds of stuff from wildhogs to bobcats in some areas to rattlesnakes to black widows. The last two being the two I'm the most scared of.
  15. I know Mike_AZ loves snakes and other reptiles, no offense to him, but I can't stand them. I have to agree with CroCop on that one. Black widows, meh, I've killed those by slapping them with my hand before. With snakes it's a live and let live kinda deal, but if they force me to it the snake is gonna get it and I'm gonna walk away whistling.
  16. I kill any and all snakes I come across. At first, i jump back and squeal like a little bitch. But then I man up grow some balls and smash that motherfucker. God I HATE snakes.
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    I don't like moose.
  18. Moose are really laid back until you get between the cow and calf. The bulls around here will just stand and look at you.
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    Ah yes, the Martha Stuart of moose. One mean *****.
  20. And just like Martha Stuart, that's one big bitch.... LOL!