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I had actually purchased one of the AK Shooter's Package yesterday morning for $549 from Classic Arms, shortly after Eric Holder's announcement.

Then there was a problem with my FFL, so I had to call back and change the FFL information. It took two hours to get through. During that time, CA had raised the prices of the shooter's package to $599, and changed their website to reflect POR.

When I finally got through, instead of honoring the $549 price from my earlier transaction, CA stated that I would be subject to the new, higher price. At the time (and under a panic) I reluctantly agreed, though I was pissed.

This morning, I sent them a fax to cancel the order. My fax stated that "Upon reflection, I'd like to cancel this order as I just don't believe what a WASR-10 is worth that price, even in this political climate." I still hold to that opinion. Sherry (Shirley?) called me back a few minutes after I sent the fax and I was able to get my order canceled without hassle. She was nice about it and understood my reasoning for wanting to cancel.

A WASR-10 is a cheap rifle by any standard. Sure, it's reliable as hell, but it is inexpensively made and is just not worth $650 (after shipping and FFL). I really wasn't happy with the $550 price tag either, but at that price it was a bit more palatable to own a piece of history that may otherwise soon be unavailable to law-abiding Americans. Keep in mind that back in October last year, a WASR-10 could be routinely purchased for around $300-350. Back then, that was still considered 'expensive'.

At the price the AK-47 variants are fetching now due to the political climate, I could think of many other firearms I'd rather have, both on and off the 'ban list'.

That's just my 2¢ on the issue.

Anyway, Pelosi (not that I trust her) and Reid (who actually has a somewhat pro-gun record) have put cold water on the Administration's AWB plans. For now.
Odd, on my computer, at 01:17 AM on Saturday, the price is still listed at $599.95 for the AK "shooters package."
I have one just like that, it may not hit the range as often as some of my guns, but I ain't parting with it and I got it for around $300.00 a couple of months ago.
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