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Have you thought about an SKS? I've got a Yugo and it's stone cold reliable, just as accurate as my Romy AK and very close to the Veper. It's also a LOT cheaper than the AK. Stick a set of MO-JO sight on it and a 20 or 30 round mag and your good to go. The biggest down side to the SKS compared to the AK is the weight. To me it's not enough to be a deal killer but it is something to consider. I prefer the 20 round mags due to the length. The 30s are a little to long to maneuver in a car or to shoot prone. I load with stripper clips. Still not as fast as changing mags but you can get pretty quick. While I would look for a semi-auto first you might want to pick up an M.N. M44 or 38. I collect Nagants and while they are an old and very strange design they are as reliable as a Mouser,an Enfiels or any other military rifle of that period and more accurate than many. I have an M38 that is my shooter of the collection. I have MO-JO sights on it and it will out shoot my Enfields (303 or 308) any day of the week and hold its own against a Yugo Mauser. I do have to admit the sights, even the stock ones, do help out a lot aghinst the Mauser. I like the light ball ammo. It seems to have a slight advantage in accuracy (this could just be me, I don't know of anyone who has conducted controled testing), it has a slightly flatter trajectory and much better penetration (it's seel core) I'll quit rambling on now. Good luck rifle hunting. ELBM
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