Not the trip to the shooting range I expected...

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  1. Yep. Weird things happen in my life. I was just unpacking when I heard the gunfire outside my window at Mandalay (about 10:10). Loud like a jackhammer, light flashing.

    I thought, Nah can't be gunfire. Especially when it went on for a couple minutes. I honestly thought "crap, who's doing construction this late!"

    I went to get food and all the elevators were not working. Emergency stairs wouldn't badge open either. That caught my attention. Tried Customer Service line and sat on hold for ten minutes before heading to my room. Elevator/stairs still not working.

    Then I ran into a wide eyed maintenance guy telling his wife on his cell that he's OK. Some guy up on 32 (I'm on 4) was shooting out the window with a full-auto rifle down into the music concert crowds. He told me to get in my room and stay there.

    I look out the window and cops are everywhere. Multiple helicopters overhead.

    Starving, tired, but safe. Hopefully no one was killed.

    Hmm, helicopters just left. They are a couple streets away now.

    Updates later. I'm just gonna go to be. Got the NetApp conference in the morning. That's gonna be interesting now.
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    Wow! Crazy world.
  4. I feel perfectly safe. Thanks though.

    Police just swept down my hallway. I could hear their radios before they got to my door. Officer rattled the door, said he heard my TV and wanted my name. I could hear there were at least two other officers out there. I gave my name, one said "confirmed" and they went to the next door.

    Does make me wish I could have brought my pistol.

    I should have asked for a pizza...
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    20 dead 100 injured....Yahoo. really stumbled into a mess. Be safe.

    EDIT: This mornin up to 50 dead and 200 injured...
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    Hope Tracy and Sarah weren't there.
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    Hearing on the news this morning they are stating 'lone' shooter, but are looking for the woman who he had been seen with to ask her questions and find a possible motive.
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    I can't fathom what makes someone want to do something like this. I don't get it. Every time I go to read an update I can't help but see the comments and a lot are people pushing an agenda. Automatic weapons have been strictly regulated for a long time. I'm 99.9% sure that's what this was. Binaries are fast but not that rhythmic. That's all a mute point right now though. Prayers for the all those hurt and to the thousands of family members affected by this.
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    Stromm, glad you're safe. Probably not a good idea to visit a gun range this week. This jerk Paddock has given the anti-2nds another reason to attack gun ownership and as 2012gt said, they'll lie and say these weapons are easily obtainable.

    Praying for the victims.
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    The price of ARs just doubled. May be triple before weeks end.

    I've felt for a while the World is a tinder box waiting for a match. People seem to think it's all unfair, and they all want a pound of flesh, just to make themselves feel better.
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    Why? That's all I can say is "why"? So far, no rhyme or reason to this, nothing to help make sense of it. Isis is claiming responsibility saying the shooter recently converted to Islam, but so far no connection found.
    All we can do is pray for healing for the wounded, and comfort for the families of those lost.
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    May be too soon or even irrelevant...but he was shooting at a country music I wonder which way he voted.

    Regardless...he is the perfect example of the suicidal guy that takes people with him for some idiotic reason. Despicable.
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    We're fine. We live on the other end of town, and were safe at home last night. Don't go to many concerts any more, but if I did, I would have gone to that one.
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    Glad you're ok. Thanks for checking in so we all know.
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    Our sheriff just gave an update of 58 dead (possibly 59), 515 wounded.
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    Some of the BS the politicians are spouting...

    "Hillary Clinton also expressed her grief in a tweet: "The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get."

    Actually, they didn't flee at the sound of gunshots, the FACT is, they didn't flee until until they saw blood and people dropping.

    Of course there is LOTS of the "Do Something!" BS, none of which has any specific idea to offer, it's all just "Pass more laws!" and the usual anti NRA and anti conservative drivel.:rolleyes:
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    His brother claims he had no political or religious affiliations. I think he was a life long coward that at the end didn't even have the balls to fight a fair fight. He shot a crowd of defenseless, trapped people. I'm glad he offed himself and didn't try to take any officers down with him but I don't think it was because he was suicidal. Just a coward.
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    Just watched a new briefing.

    F_I stating no connection with any groups found.

    The sheriff called this a 'WMD' event o_O
  19. I was just over at my Mom's and heard on news. My daughter/SiL live out there in N.Vegas and I immediately called wife to have her call out there to them. They had just texted her to say everything was OK and they weren't downtown last night around all that crap. She's a RN for Hospice and SiL is an IT for LV Memorial Hospital.
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    There was an off duty police officer that was killed.