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  1. ...but after going through yet ANOTHER "mass shooting", I wonder when the media will wake up. Doing 24/7 press coverage for a week or more is giving these guys what they want. Put an announcement on the back page, throw the body in an unmarked grave with some lime over it, and be done with it. Even better, don't even give it the dignity of a burial; throw it in the dump or throw it in an incinerator. Even the Columbine boys said something along the lines of doing it so they'd go down in history.

    That, and the fact that most of these kids were prescribed drugs out the wahoo and were probably in withdrawal when they stop taking them and went nuts... but blaming gun companies is so much easier than the drug companies *sigh*.

    /rant off

    edit: Now that I've cooled off a bit and gotten off my high horse, it would be unfair to the families to do such a thing... but I hope the sentiment is taken.
  2. The Drug companys? Would thay give the public drugs that make them crazier than thay allready are when thay quit taking them?
    OH YEAH!
    But we must remember that there were no side effects during the tests to indicate serious problems.

    I feel better .
    Thank you.

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    At the very least, the ignorant media should stop painting the assailants as martyrs, "dark, disturbed, strange individuals," "The Shooter," "The Gunman," and all this other stuff that makes him sound "cool" like some video game hero or whatever. The media romanticizes these fruits, plays their memoirs on the news for weeks straight, plasters their pictures all over their newscasts and websites and gives them the attention that they wanted in the first place.

    Perhaps if, instead of all that, the media painted them as the cowardly P.O.S scum-of-the-earth dirtbags that they are and gave them that 2 inch column on the back page of the Metro section, they wouldn't see doing crap like this as a viable outlet for whatever is going on in their heads in the first place.

    Not to mention all the P.C B.S that is involved with not plucking these people out and giving them the proverbial "stern talking to" (or more) at the first sign of trouble that they need. Nine times out of ten, the assailant's acquaintances will say that he was a weirdo or exhibited signs of doing something like this well ahead their "acting out."
  4. I think no matter how the media labels these people, it's still going to happen. It's a fad, just like button-your-fly jeans. Hopefully it will go away. I WISH!