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Now an owner of a CF380 as well :D

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In addition to my 995 and C9 Comp, I now have a CF380. I traded my Lorcin .25 for it straight up, so I'd say I came out good on that deal. The pistol is in like new condition, and even came with a holster. It only came with one 8rnd mag, but that's not too big of a deal as I probably won't be shooting this pistol much anyway with .380 availability as low as it is. I'll post pictures later, but I just had to share my joy with everyone!
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awesome man. good for you. sounds like a pretty incredible deal.
You'll love it if you can ever find ammo for it. It getting better but still sucks, a local shop here got a ton of in Aguila JHP. pretty proud of it still @ $24.00 for 50. Awesome gun though.
mason, you got a steal for that little lorcin. who'd you con outta that? lol. .25 is more ridiculous than .380 if you ask me. congrats man.
lol yeah I kinda felt like I was getting the better end of the deal, but he was real excited about that .25. Hopefully he'll enjoy it hahaha. Here's some pics of my new buddy :)

And of course the shot you've all been waiting for...
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why are 380 so much more expenseve than 9mm you would think it would ne the other way around
I had a cf 380, sold it to buy my c9 comp. I was trying to avoid reloading another caliber, and what did i do a year later, bought a p3at. I think you did okay on the trade.
what kind of holster is that and where did you get it?
Don't worry about the number of mags as your C9 mags will fit the .380 perfectly. We found that the .380 is a more reliable pistol than the C9.

We just sent in our .380 for a little work and a thorough cleaning after about 3K rounds. The way ammo is right now, it will probably be ten years before we put another 3K through it lol.

what kind of holster is that and where did you get it?
The previous owner threw it in with the pistol. I had never seen one before, but it seems to be made pretty dang well. I doubt I'll ever use it anywhere other than the range though, as I don't CC my HPs.
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