now i'm thinking about a revolver need your opinion.

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  1. i'm thinking my next pistol should be a revolver for home protection. a .357mag sound like a good choice, for i can use .38 on the range and 357mag for defense.

    my choice of 3 companys: s&w, ruger, and taurus. because i also use it as home defense, i like the barrel to be shorter, any models you guys recommend?
  2. so far i have my eyes on Taurus 617SH2C, and Taurus 617B2.

  3. Taurus 617sh2c

    Taurus 617b2
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    I'd recommend(and own)a Ruger.Mine is the Security Six,4" blue steel w/Mustang Grip Co.wooden finger grooved grips. It also has adjustable rear sights,even though a point and shoot scenario may play out for home defense, and in that case a snub nose would be on target. As you point out, you can fire 38s of 357 from a 357. Good luck on your search and choice.
  5. For strictly home defense I would look into the 3" or 4" barrel .357Mag, but if you also want to conceal carry the same pistol its hard to beat the 2" snubby.

    I had an older Taurus snubby .38Sp and it was a great pistol. Currently I have a Taurus 441 4" .44 Special and its fantastic, deadly accurate too. It's a bit too large for me to conceal carry but for home defense, woods carry, its a great revolver.

    IF you can get the S&W, Ruger or Taurus I would go with the Ruger GP (blue steel) or SP (stainless steel) because those things are built like tanks. They will take many many years of punishment and still be rock solid to pass down to a younger generation when you are too old and feeble to shoot it any more.
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    GP100 is very cool! But the Taurus works too

    Make sure and practice with same type of ammo you carry. If you carry 357 practice with it. 357 will make your gun react totally different then 38. You do not want that big of change if the day comes you have to use it...
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    I saw get a Ruger Blackhawk in .357 with the extra 9mm Luger cylinder. It isn't the best home protection gun but as a SHTF weapon it is accurate reliable and it can take .357, .38 special, and 9mm so that covers a lot common easy to find rounds.
  9. that extra cylinder interesting me very much. anyone know Taurus have any model can inter change the cylinder for different caliber?
  10. I certainly want to add a +1 for the Rugers. I like the KSP-321XL best on this page for what you are asking to use it for. Probably nothing wrong with S&W or Taurus either, but I'm rather partial to the Rugers.

    Here is the .357/9mm Convertible spoken of above. Looks like very fine revolvers but, not snubby like you suggested you might like.
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    I went through the same thing a few months ago. I bought a 3" SP101 and I have absolutely no buyers remorse. I intend to change the hammer spring out for a lighter one, and I may polish up the internals a bit, but I love this gun.

    Regarding ammo, even though it can handle .357, I don't know that I can. So I'll probably stick to +P 158 grain semiwadcutter hollowpoints. A solid performer with less noise and flash.
  12. I have both a Taurus tracker 357mag in a 4" and a Taurus snubby in 38sp. I do not recommend a snubby in 357 honestly as you will pay a bit more for the 357 vs the 38 and after a few cylinders you will not want to shoot 357mags. Unless you plan to conceal carry it, then I'd recommend a Taurus tracker in 357mag. The tracker series have an 8 port barrel that turns the 357mag recoil into the feel of a light 38sp with nearly no muzzle flip. Highly Highly recommend the Taurus tracker, oh and Taurus has a lifetime warrenty that covers as many owners as you can imagine and the only things not covered are the sites and the grips, not quite hipoint, but certainly better then most.

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    The Ruger SP-101 is now offered in the new .327magnum.
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    ruger GP100 with the 4" barrel. I have one and it's my favorite firearm.

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    I used to own a 6" stainless GP-100. Great revolver, but I sold it cause I like semiautos more. The money from that went towards my Para P14.
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    I did some trigger work on it (just smoothing it out and what not) and the trigger is like butter. I love the reliability of the thing and it just hammers out the .357 like nobody's business.
  17. How on earth did I forget about the potent, not likely fun to shoot, Ruger Alaskan? If you happen to be of the ultra stout wrist variety these little gems might be a semi pleasant range gun but recoil hardly is felt in a high stress situation such as a bear mauling or robbery. I would suspect the critter on the business end of the gun, however stout the wrists, would feel the recoil. :lol:

    Taurus357, can you describe or explain how the ports work on the Tracker series guns? Are they similar to the "vents" often seen on large caliber rifles? If so do they redirect sound outwards and, sometimes, backwards in a similar fashion? Sure like the looks of that Ultra Lite above. The only Taurus I've ever held was a longer barreled revolver and it seems like it was a .17 caliber. Very heavy for the caliber if I recall but a quality piece non the less.
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    I've fired a 2" barrel hammerless 357 taurus 650 that had the ports put on it. butter smooth and the ports really made the weapon extremely manageable for a 2" barrel with that hot of a round. I really liked it.
  19. I haven't owned either, but I've shot a Ruger .357. Good shooter it was.
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    Just let me say that if you plan on doing any amount of shooting with that snubby you are not going to like it much.

    Particularly if you are using 357 rounds.

    I had one of them and the short bbl and the big round make for one Fracken recoil. If you are looking for something to use at the range and for home defense, look at something with at least a 4 inch bbl.

    It is a little longer, yes. But the extra length of the barrel will help dampen the recoil.