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  1. Thats right boys and girls, its actually going to happen!

    In order to actually get these babies ordered we are going to have to do a pre-order system to help cover the costs(i'm poor ya'll!). The final cost(shipped) par patch is $8 for single orders, $6 each for multiple patches. Remember though, this more than likely WON'T happen if we can't get pre orders of at least 50 patches to cover costs and make it worth our while for the design efforts, etc.

    Pre-order cost is $3 per patch with the rest to be paid when we are about to ship the patches. Paypal is accepted(but not preferred), money orders and cash are also accepted.
    Paypal: lbreevesii at charter dot net
    MO/Cash please send to:
    Larry Reeves
    164 Robin Lane
    Unit 1
    Boone, NC 28607


    Order will be placed within a week or so from monday(roughly, and assuming we get enough orders), and should be delivered within 10 days to us.

    4/26/08 Edit by elguapo by request:
    "EDIT: I got behind on getting the order placed with the company. I should be shpping patches in 10 days or a little more"

    EDIT: All patch orders are now SHIPPING!! YAY! If you ordered 1 or 2 it went out today, 3+ are going out monday morning.
  2. lmao...interested...will get back to you.

  3. Fenix

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    at $5 a piece I'll get 2 or 3.
  4. Mark me down for 2-3 and PM me when available. I luv'em!

    It would be a bit better if the words a bit more visible though.
  5. pic changed: should be better quality now. The text is clear, i've held the real sample, it just looks whack in the picture.

    Note: also changed price for multiple patches(due to shipping, etc) to $6. I wasn't thinking right, $6 is what was discussed with my parter, not $5. My apologies.

    Let me reiterate that we need as many of you as can to preorder so we can actually afford to do this without hurting ourselves.
  6. Put me down for 2 and let me know when/where to send payment! Looks good. Thanks for taking the time to make this happen!
  7. Put me down for two...PM when ready.
  8. are all of you guys willing to do the $3 preorder? I will officially start taking them starting next week.
  9. panoz77

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    I'm in for two, PM me when you need the funds and delivery address.
  10. I'll be happy to pay in full in advance.

  11. AndrewST

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    Ok...back story on these please!

    Did I miss the formation of a Zombie extermination squad comprised of forum members?
  12. There isn't a back story to that extent. However on the old forums I presented the idea, our base artwork, etc and fellow forum members helped us to tweak the colors and design(big thanks for that guys).

    Like I mentioned, I will finalize advanced payment/pre-order payments starting soon. I'm considering signing up for a new paypal account or a gearpay account(does anybody use this?) since paypal does charge me a commission.
  13. lbreevesii:

    Is that pig-latin or does it actually supposed to mean something. You may want to double check the spelling.
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    I always thought ibreevesii = I breathe easy... you are talking about his username, right?
  15. the literal translation is actually "violent death to the living dead" and it was translated by someone who has had to write entire essays in latin. You may have trouble using an online translator with it due to the grammar and conjugation. Hopefully they got it right. anything in particular you want to point out in it?

    and as to my name, nope. thats not it. though I am pretty laid back...
    Its actually my name. LB=Larry Brent Reeves II=second
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    Yes sir, sign me up for 2. PM me with pay details =)
    May want to post this in the lounge also ?
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    Thanks for the username explanation, I was waaaay the heck off.
  18. since it is a sale I will keep it here. Be advised: total order isn't that big, and I AM going to post this on ar15.com as well as some other places. With all those ar guys these probably won't last long.

    See first post for updated payment info. Paypal and mailing addy are included. Please consider too that I prefer money order/cash thanks to our non-gun friendly, greedy paypal friends wanting their cut.
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    Is the backin velcro on these by chance?
  20. Put me down for 2. When you need the funds?

    You should also add the cost of the paypal on the buyer so you don't get stuck loosing a bunch of money from people using paypal, may also be an insentive to send a MO....just my crazy thinking.