now this a real real BOV

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  2. Considering that I was armor in the military, I LOVE IT !!!!!!! Now if they would only put some armor and a cannon on it :)

  3. Ridge

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    I'd rock one of those...Id just enclose the cabin to protect myself and my gear from the elements, though...
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    I have to say Ari, that is the best BOV posted yet, as far as I'm concerned. At least the idea and the platform are very solid ideas.

    Most of the ones I see are really cool, but many posted, although real trick, probably not as practical as you'd think. Although the newest and coolest "camping and survival" vehicles are real neat and have lots of cool gadgets, they're might not be as good in a real SHTF or EOTWAWKI situation. But I digress, that's a subject for another thread me thinks.

    With a good set of plans for the tracks and suspension about any motor could be usesd for that platform, and the tracks would be fairly easy to maintain with the proper tools.

    Besides, that's the cat's arse, as it were. I'd drive the snot out of it.
  5. Would definitely want some protection from the elements, otherwise that thing rocks!
  6. I want one, make that 2
  7. ad a gatlin or two and some 50 cals enlcose the cabin and more cargo/passenger room and we have a winner.....................oh screw it we have a winner as to see about the 2nd and 3rd mortgage i will need for one.

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    Yup cover it over, put a quad of guns on it a fast ground attack vehicle :lol: