NRA Basic Rifle and Pistol courses

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  1. I just got the clearance from work to adjust my schedule so that I may attend two NRA firearms courses, Basic Rifle and Basic Pistol. Has anybody else here taken these courses, and if so, what can I expect? I already have a rough idea (firearms safety, trying out some different rifles/pistols, etc.) but I'd be interested in hearing from somebody who's actually taken them.

    Thanks! :)
  2. I've taken both courses and they're both excellent. you'll go over all the basics of safety of course, which is good. in both the rifle and pistol classes you'll get a great foundation in firing stances and what all you need to do to shoot properly.

    they're both really good classes and i would reccomend them to anyone who wants to start shooting. they'll get you off on the right foot.

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    i was required to take the nra basic pistol course to aplly for my cwp. it was easy. passed with 100%
  4. Glad to hear some good things about the classes :) I'm really looking forward to them :D
  5. egfan592 and all,
    go with an open mind and you'll learn lots more than you thought you would. I've been teaching both for over 20 years and highly recommend them for everyone whether a shooter or not. Take care.
  6. Thanks for the heads up Terry :) Truth be told, I know a little bit about firearms, but I've never actually shot one, and the lack of any formal training on proper handling, maintance and operation of a firearm is what's been really keeping me back, so I'll have little else BUT an open mind going into this :)