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  1. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    after reading the thread by hitmanharleyk on why should he join the NRA and give them his money, I was just curious how many members of the NRA or other organizations we have here. Not trying to be to personal or anything, just curious
  2. freedom

    freedom Member

    Life time member and proud to say it.

    Not every one who is pro second amendment is pro NRA but they do fight a lot of battles for the second amendment people, and win.

  3. I joined recently and will join gun owners of america also. I think it is our duty to join AT LEAST one of these organizations if we are truly serious about keeping our guns and continuing to buy more in the future. If we sit back and hope that the laws won't get worse, then we are just asking to get our guns stolen by the government, and we can blame ourselves for not putting up a fight.
  4. ab4ka

    ab4ka Guest

    Proud to say I've been an NRA member for several years now. They may not be everyones cup of tea, and are far from perfect, but they are the best thing we have as far as someone on our side in Washington. GOA is a great organization, but they just don't have the political clout. As far as I'm concerned, every gun owner who wants to keep their guns should join up. If not the NRA, join something. We're all in this together.
  5. Been an NRA member since 1980...became a Life member 5 yrs ago....just upped it to "Endowment Life" last week.
  6. Those 2 of you that have voted no so far are nothing but leeches.... :?
  7. NRA member, and proud of it. Planning on remaining an NRA member.
  8. Ben, I am not a member of any organization as of now, but your post in this thread and the other one makes me really think. Your logic is tough to argue with. Thanks for providing this argument.
  9. I have no idea what that means, but i wonder if you are now well endowed? :lol:
  10. I'm not one of the 2 that voted no, however you don't know their circumstances or reasons, both might be valid.
  11. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest

  12. AndrewST, I deleted your double post.
  13. ToddGray

    ToddGray Guest

    I voted no. My personal opinion is that when it actually comes down to it, poiliticians are going to get their way, laws will be passed, and my guns will be torn from my cold, dead hands. (no I'm not a Waco or RR nut, I just see history repeating itself)
  14. That's right, Todd...if you and the rest of us DON'T do anything, that's exactly what will happen.

    By the way, you generalized politicians, as if ALL of them want our guns taken away. Well, there are some that don't, and it's our duty to support them, and back at least one pro 2A group...because there is more than one ANTI 2A group out there, and they are well funded as well (ie Brady campaign)
  15. ToddGray

    ToddGray Guest

    I think you missed my point...

    I'm saying that I believe that there isn't a government out there that wants its poulation armed, therefore, the same historical acts that disarmed every other repressed group (such as the Jews in the case of the Nazi takeover of Germany) will be enacted again here in America (I hope not, though), despite 2A advocate groups' best efforts to stop such legislation. I believe that government gun control, ultimately, will end in bloodshed (once again, I hope not). That is why I choose to spend my money on provisions for my survival in any given situation instead of donating to a cause that, I believe is a losing battle. The right to keep and bear arms was put in our Constitution to protect us and our rights from the grubby hands of the government and the last time I checked the words lobbyist and activist groups aren't found once.
  16. You can also pay via Extended payment plan (which I did) $25 every 3 months...I usually sent more to get it paid off faster)

    Once you hit Life you can become:
    Endowment Life (Has nothing to do with leaving your estate to them)
    Patron Life

    Then the top BENEFACTOR LIFE....the NRA is ramping up for the upcoming fights in '08 and beyond and offered the step up to Endowment for $175 which I paid (Got a great looking jacket coming for doing it too)

    Hopefully they do that for the next two rungs also...I'm shooting for BENEFACTOR.... 8)