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    In reading this last pro gun Fed Court decision regarding carry in DC, the only pro gun Organization is see named is the NRA. In fact the NRA is the only pro gun organization I see mentioned in all the pro gun rulings by any Court, whether State, Fed, or SC. I know there are other pro gun organizations, but my question is "Where the hell are they?" "What are they doing for the 2nd Amendment?". I sure don't see them ever mentioned. In every case it's the NRA. I hear all these gripes about the NRA always wanting money. Sure, I get tired of it as well, but money is what is keeping the 2nd Amendment safe. It takes pro gun money to fight anti gun money in these law suits. Simple as that. People are giving money to other pro gun organizations, what are they getting back in keeping the 2nd Amendment safe? From what I see, not much. At least when giving money to the NRA, you are getting "something" back. I really get tired of hearing gun people bad mouth the NRA. A lot of gun owners piss and moan and cry about their 2nd Amendment rights, but evidently don't care enough to support the only gun Organization that is really doing something to preserve it.
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    If nothing else, it helps influence the direction of the NRA-ILA in the direction the majority really want it to go (by voting with their dollars) in a similar way to how the Tea Party influences the Republican Party to be less Liberal or how various "community organizing" and CBC influences the Democrat party to be more Liberal.

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  3. Alan Gura is the the attorney that is main litigant for gun rights in these cases. Alan works for the Second Amendment Foundation, he is their lead attorney.
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    You need to check the Gun Owners of America web site. They are involved in many Second Amendment battles and cases. Wayne "I've been in Washington for over 30 years" LaPierre could never have delivered the smackdown on Piers Morgan that GOA executive director Larry Pratt dealt to the arrogant former MSNBC host. Check it out on YouTube.
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  5. NRA supports gun control in the form of gun licensing laws. IMO that is not the second amendment. Both the SAF and GOA support constitutional carry.

    The current ruling though in the media the NRA claims a victory is a blow to the NRA licensing scheme. SAF and Alan Gura are responsible for this victory. NRA and ILRA are responsible for turning a victory in Illinois into a restrictive licensing scheme.

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  6. When gun ownership and carry is based on legislation instead of the constitution it can easily be taken away. The way it was in Australia, NRA supports gun laws as opposed to gun rights.

  7. This ruling was almost all 2AF

    And to them i say good job, Thank you.

    I still stand behind NRA. Mostly because they are the biggest name. They are the ones every lib is gunning for.

    I saw it posted somewhere else (may have even been this forum)

    Basically let the Media follow the NRA any where and every where protesting them. Mean while the 2AF will slide under the radar cut off the balls of anti-gun communists.
  8. I would go along with that except for the fact that the NRA brought us the very laws they claim to be now opposing. Alan Gura(SAF) has been behind almost every victory, and Alan has actually fought for gun rights, by removing legislation in the courts as opposed to creating more.

    Alan is the real hero here, not the NRA.
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    Today's NRA ain't your daddy's NRA. It's yours. Make it what you want it to be.

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  10. I agree.

    With social media and Email The NRA is much more changeable.
    It is much easier to get called out on topics. and they know the key to making money is to get more people. They do this with Social media and changing to represent what there members ask for.

    I just wish they could keep the pledge for more cash out of the yearly survey.
  11. Here is a copy of the plaintiffs right from the decision. I don't know what you are reading, but it sure isn't the court decision. Are you only reading what the MSM put out?

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    As if they have any in the first place ;)