NY Gunshops Are Funny

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  1. So I bought my 995 about two weeks ago from the gunshop nearest me. Decently priced for my area ($210 otd) and they've got other firearms fairly cheap. But it's the little odds n' ends that get you.

    I wanted to go get some range time this weekend but only had one clip (I've got a couple on the way thanks to a forum member :D ) so I thought maybe pickin up an extra wouldn't be such a bad idea. I called up said gunshop only to be disappointed. I'm thinking it'll be $15 - $17, he says $26 :shock: I just said "thanks" and hung up.

    That's insane, for a few more bucks I could order 2 online. What's up with that? Just when I thought i found "my" gunshop :?
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    Sorry to hear about NY gunshops man. I don't even want to know what they are like. :shock:

  3. I got a clip for mine at my local shop in Syracuse, NY for $16.
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    "My" gun shop tends to be Wal-Mart. As much as I hate the place anything they carry is typically way lower than any other store.

    About the only time I don't purchase a firearm or accessory from them is if they don't carry it, or another store has it on sale less than Wal-Mart.
  5. Speaking of Walmart, I bought a box of Winchester (white box) with 50 rounds for $13 at "the gunshop". The day after I felt like buying another box but tried Walmart since it's on the way. I paid $18 for a box of 100 rounds. :/
  6. When I dont have reloads on hand and am forced to buy factory ammo, I usually do so at walmart if it's a common caliber (45acp, 9mm, 38/357). Have stopped buying from Gander Mountain unless I have to ever since my recent trip there and asked if they ever got any AKs or SKSs in used on trade. He told me no, that they do not carry assault rifles. I pointed at the selection of ARs and SOCOMs and said "what about those?" and he proceeded to inform me (in an honest, sincere, snobby tone) that ARs are NOT assault rifles, they are varmint and sporting/(yes he said slash) tactical rifles. When I asked the what design features differentiate a tactical rifle from an assault rifle, he simply said "there are many". Of course this begged the response "...liiiiike?" and he ended it there, telling me if I'd like to see anything, just ask and he's be over there(pointed) and turned and walked away. I walked the other direction, right out the door.

    If anyone needs me I'll be over there writing letters to our troops to warn them that they have been sent into combat 223 and 30-06 varmint sporting rifles.
  7. ...


    What? AKs and SKSes are assault rifles, but ARs are not?

    Wikipedia defines assault rifle thus:

    It goes on to say:

    Interesting definition.... "Selective fire". So, by that definition, the SKS is not an assault rifle and never was. And the civilian versions of the AKs are not either.
  8. The military does not use 'assault' rifles. Go check-no 'assault' rifles in inventory. There is no Federal definition of an assault rifle since the AW ban expired. That term only has meaning in repressive states that have 'assault' weapon laws on the books.

    Wikipedia is useful, but should not be considered a definitive source because if its editing policies.
  9. Adam11082-
    What gun shop are you going to in Syracuse? I shop at Herb Philipson's, but the don't carry much for 995 accessories.
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    Right now I think the local wal-mart has WWB and Remington on sale for $5.80 per box of 50.

    I have a lot of 9mm right now sitting around. Infact I should keep my brass and give it to the reloaders on the forum. Currently I have no plans to start reloading, and tossing it seems to be a waist.
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    Just a little side note, anyone that is within acceptable range should really check out "The Custom Shop" in Walworth, New York.

    If you blink, you will miss the town.

    But that is one decently stocked and priced place. It's where I bought my 995.
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    Heh. In Arizona, the last box of Winchester White Box I bought was $13.98. Ever since that I've gone to Big5 and bought the Remmington UMC for $12 a box. Feeds better than WWB and has a much more crisp action IMHO

  13. Andrew, PM me if you want to get "rid" of your 9mm brass, maybe we can work something out.....tks.
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    Walmart did something similar when I went in looking at their shotguns. I asked if they had any with magazine extensions and he told me that it was Walmart policy not to sell "riot guns".
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    The Walmarts around me stopped selling guns, but they still sell ammo. They said they stopped selling guns because of insurance costs, but they still sell the ammo. I don't get it, a rifle without ammo is like a baseball bat, but they still sell Louisville sluggers.

    We have one in Manchester that still has muzzleloaders and the last time I was in Concord, they had a few rifles and shotguns, but not much of a selection.
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    I would say my local wal-mart has about 40 guns on display tops. They have a decent sized catalog they can order from, but actual guns on hand is pretty limited.
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    the last time I was at a Walmart that had anything was about a year ago, then 10 total. No rifle bigger than .22 or .17HMR and a few shotguns. That's it.