nybody know a good Rust bluing operation?

Discussion in 'Gunsmith shop' started by john39, Nov 16, 2020.

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    Hi guys,

    I have a family heirloom H&R 922 revolver that needs refinishing. A hot bluer I talked too told me it's a cast frame and to not have it hot blued since it will look plumb color and instead recommended rust bluing that he does not do. I found a place that does rust bluing but it's like $230 plus $75 disassembly (or I do it), plus overnight both ways. I already have more in it than it's worth, and didn't really want to spend $300 to refinish it. Anyone used a rust bluer they recommend?

    My other option is to nickel it, they were available nickled, and I can have it done for like $135, but it'd rather keep it blued if I can.

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    Being an heirloom personally I’d leave it as is.
    Now if you really want to do it I suggest you do it yourself.
    We have an article on it that @lklawson wrote.

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    @john39 , please take the time to familiarize yourself with the board, the rules, and the TOU/TOS.This thread had nothing to do with his point firearms so I moved it to the appropriate section, for gunsmithing type conversations. In the future you may find that misposted threads will be deleted without warning or explanation.

    We also have a relatively functional search bar so you're not starting repeat threads.

    Also, the 922 is a popular handgun with the spam bots I've been banning and blacklisting. They all seem to post in the general hi point discussion section too...
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    NE Utah
    This guy is fun to watch, here's how he rust blues:

    And another:

    And here's Midway USA
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    I’ve used the Birchwood Casey bluing liquid, they have good instructions on their site.

    Also used Neolube, a blackening agent used on model trains. I actually thought the Neolube worked better, but don’t know how it would work on a cast frame. I think the instructions say what metals it will work on. MicroMark sell Neolube.

    I tried the Birchwood Casey stuff on my Ruger P90DC which I think is a cast frame and didn’t have much success, but I only tried it on a small spot.
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    Great Stuff, I have that little Beretta MINX (22s) that Reaper re-blued for Dad.
    It was HORRIBLE, and it came out much better than I expected. I'm learning this
    too, I have some older stuff that could use some touch-ups!!
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    I've only had two failures with this method. First, I tried to rust blue the barrel of my Taurus TCP938. Total fail. Turns out it's stainless. The other fail was a knife blade. Also ended up being stainless. :(

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I was going to reblue my barrel to but after striping it off I just polished it with flitz. Same barrel
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    All I want for Thanksgiving and Christmas is 2 more HPs