OATH Expanding and Fragmenting Slugs

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    12ga slugs have been rightly known as good stoppers on dangerous game, but tend to over-penetrate in hominids. OATH Ammunition has two new designs that solve over-penetration along with greatly improving reliability in box-fed shotguns.

    Above is their 1.25oz 1600fps all-copper slug designed to expand to an incredible 2.5″ and penetrate just enough to punch through a hostile human with little energy left to harm anyone downrange. If you’ve ever heard the expression: “a hole big enough to toss a cat through,” consider that cats can fit any opening larger than their heads, and smaller breeds have heads under 2.5″ in circumference. The copper or aluminum expander die visible in the middle ensures reliable opening even through heavy clothing. The die itself penetrates deeper than the expanded slug.

    The frangible slug is enormously heavy at 2.25oz but slower–1200fps–so that the muzzle energy of the two loads is similar at 3100ft-lbs. Upon impact, this all-brass (except for the 40 grain copper expander die) projectile breaks up into half-dozen 158 grain sharp triangular pieces, each spreading about 15 degrees to the side of the initial direction. Penetration is likewise limited to the depth of a rib cage, producing very good stopping effect without over penetration.

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    Wow. That will make someone's day. Any vids into gel?
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    Can't find much on them yet. Once they're out, I hope to get a box to play with.

    I don't use a shotgun for defense, but just look like fun
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    looks fun. probably not cheap.
  5. interesting idea. But they dont say about if you miss. Thats what always makes me scared.
    and why I use bird shot.
    And before everyone jumps on my case. check youtube for 12ga. bird shot penetration.
    I saw a video of general field load low brass blow through 2 pairs of jeans, a rack of beef ribs, and finally a whole Boston butt.
    at the same time, if you watch Iraq Veteran 8888 they show a video of the same load blowing through 4 layers of drywall, but not the 5th. This tells me while it will go through the 4th layer, most of the energy is gone, and shouldn't be deadly.
    You cant say the same about the drywall with any other bullet. pistol, rifle, or shotgun.
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    At home defense distances, any old standard Buck Shot works pretty much the same. Past 30 feet or so, then you start to consider how much your shot spreads. Closer than 20 or 30, it's not going to spread enough to make any particular difference.




    Umm... What? All brass? Does the definition of "armor piercing ammunition" not apply to shotgun ammunition?

    I honestly don't know, but it's something I intend to check out now that my curiosity has been piqued.

    When it gets good results from hog and deer hunters for penetrating deeply enough without over penetration, I'll consider that the actual test.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Hmm... OK, so:

    https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/921 lists the federal law, U.S. code 921, (17) (B) (i), which states:

    But, the AOW definition doesn't recognize the possibility of a Shotgun Handgun. If it's smoothbore, then it's a shotgun. If it's handgun length AND smoothbore, then it's an SBS, regardless of whether original manufacture barrel length or shoulder stock.

    So there's my answer. Yes, shotgun ammo IS exempt from armor piercing ammunition rules because the armor piercing ammo rules only apply to handgun ammo and there's no such thing as a shotgun handgun that isn't an AOW.


    Peace favor your sword,
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    Hog and deer hunters probably don't want the frangable slug, too much meat / time wasted. However the pest control guys down south probably love em
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    That might open a whole can if they make it in .410. A Shooting involving it and a judge might drop someone into hot water. At least it might be a new angle to attack the judge.
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    Maybe. But I suspect that the ATF would issue some sort of bassackward rule along the lines of, "if you put shotgun ammunition in a firearm, that automatically makes it a shotgun, regardless of whether or not the barrel is rifled, or what is marked on the cylinder/chamber, and it must, therefore, be registered as an SBS."

    So, yeah, you can buy a Judge or Governor but as soon as you load shotgun ammo into it without tax stamping it first, you're breaking the law. ...is what I'd expect the ATF to decide. :rolleyes:

    Peace favor your sword,