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  1. The head of Oath Keepers said in an interview the other day that the 2nd Amendment march of Oath Keepers and local residents in Ferguson MO is still moving forward.

    Also, Stewart Rhodes will be speaking at the HS in Ellsworth WI on Sept 19th at 5:00 pm. It's only about 50 miles from here so there is a good chance I'll be able to go, barring family, work, etc.

    FWIW. For those here who have expressed a fear of the Posse, Ellsworth was well west of Wisconsin Posse country. So you'll be able go there without being afraid.
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    +1 MawnsterDoG
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    I visited the Oath Keepers website a couple times and have had several requests to join. When I see them actually do something for the 2nd Amendment instead of talking about it, I may join. I will be watching the Ferguson demonstration if and when it happens.
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    Great. More natzis. :(

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    They were out at the Bundy ranch in Clark county last year. They are in Oregon protecting against the BLM, maybe Washington, and Alaska(?) right now at the gold mines. The Nazi's are the BLM with their Blackwater contractors.

    I recently got on the TN FB group. I am not active there. Then they did a split last week. I have no idea what is going on with any of them. I am curious.
  7. That is the organization, but I'd take what is on that website with a grain of salt. There is more to that what is there and I've known some who were career state of Minnesota workers. Most I've meet aren't violent prone. Many also don't even own a gun nor ever fired one unless they were in the military. A lot of LEO officers in parts of Wisconsin are followers or aligned with the Posse. I haven't run into any in years in around here.
  8. They have a very active membership down in your area. I don't know if they have scheduled a date for the Ferguson open carry day. They'll have to get the locals thru the gun training first.
  9. With the Oath Keepers sometimes there are those who join to purely cause problems or are there to change the direction of the organization.
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    The Oath Keepers or this Posse group? Trying to figure out who's who here. Had never heard of these guys 'til this thread.
  11. The Oath Keepers were there.

    Which group hadn't you heard of before?
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    Have never heard of either one!