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    Ok, I have read where there is an "observation port to check if there is a round in the chamber without having to cock the pistol"????

    I guess I'm confused on how you are suppose to be able to check without actually pulling back the slide. What is the "observation port"?

    I'm sure most people think this is a stupid question, but I can't see how this is any different than any other pistol....

    Can someone please explain?
  2. On the ejection port, there is a slit near the back of the port where the barrel is not flush with the slide, and you can look in there to see if there is brass or not. A lot of pistols have this nowadays or a loaded chamber indicator......

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    so basically it is just a small little gap/slit that you can look in to see if there is a round in the chamber?

    right here? [​IMG]
  4. No, it's where the yellow plastic thingy is. Try this: Insert a mag, chamber a round, then eject the mag (for safety reasons), then look at the ejection port. There is a small slit with which you can see the casing of the chambered round.
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    lmao ok, I'll check it out once my wife leaves for work (gun is the in the bedroom and she's still asleep)

    So then what is the thing I circled?
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    The ejector key, sometime called an extractor. When the slide moves back it pulls the spent casing from the chamber so the firing pin can eject it out the port.
  7. Here is the observation port to see if there is a loaded round.

    Note the brass inside the green box.

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    thanks a lot nicad!!!!! The helped a lot! I couldn't figure out what they were talking about "port".

    Thanks again for the picture and explanation guys!
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    Port - abbreviation of "porthole"
    Porthole - abbreviation of "porthole window"